Client Testimonials

由于提供了无与伦比的服务和支持,FILS选择与Atwood Tate的唯一代理基础。曾多年的Atwood Tate合作,候选人的质量和适合性,无需异常,始终满足所寻求的要求和技能。从初步磋商到角色履行的整个过程以专业和友好的方式进行,并在几周内完成成功。

I would not hesitate to use Atwood Tate again for future roles nor hesitate to recommend to those in the educational/publishing sector.

Role: VLE Product Manager


Consultants: Karine Nicpon & Clare Chan

July 2020

We had a very tight deadline for recruitment of this particular role, and Karine/Atwood Tate more than delivered – the initial phone consultation made us comfortable that our requirements were understood, and we were pleased with the proposed plan of action. We were presented with a range of suitable candidates quickly and so were able to move forward with interviews within a short timeframe. The offer/negotiation process was handled with utmost professionalism and we were very satisfied with the outcome. We would definitely use Atwood Tate for future hires and would strongly recommend to any publisher looking for a quick and professional service and recruitment process.

Laura F. Simonite, Head of Business Development, EMS Press (European Mathematical Society), June 2020

I was impressed with the service received from Karine and Clare on the recruitment of our new interim Head of Publishing. It was not the usual recruitment process, they were very helpful and amazingly patient as the role was put on ice, warmed up and put on ice again. All potential candidates have great experience and all candidates we interviewed were appointable. Recruiting is normally a bit of a pain, but it was a pleasure to work with Karine and Clare, I can’t recommend them enough.2020年7月,英国免疫学协会奥托巴尔扬

It is always a pleasure working with Atwood Tate. Claire always provides us with a high quality professional service and is the first person we call when we need new staff. One of the most important benefits is that we only get sent quality applicants with a good skill set fit to our business requirements rather than the scattergun approach that you all too often get from agencies today. The high level of pre-qualification that Atwood Tate applies to all candidates ensures that we only spend time reviewing CVs that are a good fit which is a big time saver.David Sweetnam,关键点的情报,2020年1月

Atwood Tate stepped in to assist with recruitment for a post we were struggling to fill. Our consultant, Stephanie Hall, was proactive in seeking suitable candidates and arranging interviews. It was good to have such professional assistance with the recruitment process.Mary Purton, FEBS Press, January 2020

Parissa was excellent in helping us with our recent recruitment. Parissa did not settle on proposing unsuitable candidates and ensured only candidates with relevant skills were shortlisted. I really appreciated how responsive Parissa was and that she was always available to speak and was quick to set up interviews, gain feedback from candidates and ultimately deliver an excellent service. I highly recommend Parissa!Anna Clark, The British Pharmacological Society, October 2019

Novia was extremely quick to respond to our need for a three month interim editor and had a candidate prepped and ready to start within 24hrs.Business Development Director at a leading B2B Magazine, August 2019

我们发现在wood Tate really helpful and have hired all our team members through them for years. They’ve always found really good candidates, making the final choice difficult!客户支持团队,杰里科作家,2019年8月

Clare was a great help in sourcing some very good quality candidates that met the brief and was easy to work with and always available for advice and questions. If we do require any more candidates I’ll definitely be in touch.2019年7月国际职业教育提供者国际市场负责人

Atwood Tate提供了一个很好的服务,我们现在招募了我们扩展所需的人。Richard Willis, MD at Swales & Willis, June 2018

作为一家小公司,我们在过去直接招募,但决定首次使用招聘机构。我们与Atwood Tate的经验一直都是整个过程。卡琳迅速了解该角色所需要的,并送给我们一系列优质的候选人。我们能够在一个月内提出要约。与卡琳合作得救了我们这么多时间,代表了物超所值。随着我们的业务增长,我们将在未来雇用中毫不犹豫地毫不犹豫地犹豫。Chris Nutt, InvestorComs, February 2018

I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters and I can say that working with Atwood Tate has been by far the better experience. Many are relentless in their pursuit of responses and meetings with candidates, which makes it feel like you are working for the recruiter rather than the other way around. I liked the fact you gave us the time we needed while fielding some strong candidates.杰森库珀,unbound

Karine – many thanks for your help in the recruitment process. You understood our requirement well and worked on it. Your cheerful and positive approach made the process enjoyable. Thank you.Prabha Choubina, Publications Manager and Deputy CEO, ACAMH (Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health)

David at Atwood Tate supported us throughout our recent recruitment drive making it smooth, efficient and pain free. The quality of the candidates supplied really matched the profiles provided. I will certainly be looking to David with any future recruitment needs we have.Rowan Marsden, Head of Programme Management and Acting Head of Digital Qualification Services, Pearson, June 2017

我们对网上记者的搜索是由Karine Nicpon领导的。卡琳和阿特伍德·泰特队的服务完美无瑕。卡琳始终可以跳过手机或响应电子邮件,以便继续搜索前进。由于年假等,我们正致力于缩短时间尺寸,但卡琳确保我们遇到了我们的截止日期,并在所需的时间范围内找到候选人。在招募网上记者的同时,我们想要一个质量的候选名单而不是数量。卡琳履行了这篇简短的事项,分享了一个令人印象深刻的候选人名单,可以展示相关经验,并为我们的业务需求具有良好的“适合”。选择了最好的候选人,在谈判报价时,卡琳在谈判时搭配全部重要的松散目的,我将在毫不犹豫地使用Atwood Tate。卡琳理解我的印刷和在线期刊团队的需求,很高兴与之合作。-John White, Managing Editor of Optometry Today (AOP), June 2017

我可以核实客户的要求和期望对该招聘公司至关重要。在我们与Atwood Tate专家合作的开始,对潜在候选人进行了严格评估了我们的招聘期望。我非常感谢招聘顾问的专业沟通技巧,在访谈之前和之后。我特别喜欢评估海伦早日的专业贡献。在搜索过程中,我们积极交换信息......海伦经常在劳动力市场中的潜在职位申请人搜索和选择过程中通知我们。这让我们在一个月内关闭招聘过程。我们肯定会在未来使用该公司的专业服务。-Agnieszka Mizak,出版总监,APA出版物,January 2017

The service from Atwood Tate has been really positive and David has listened to our requirements so that the right candidates are being forwarded for review. No hesitation with recommending their service. –Lorraine Aspell, AtyponJanuary 2017

The service we received from Atwood Tate was fantastic. Helen Speedy was extremely helpful in developing the right advertisement to meet our needs. The level of candidates that we received was of a very high standard. –British Society for Rheumatology,November 2016

Over the last year Simon & Schuster UK have worked closely with Atwood Tate who helped successfully fill a number of positions. Their service has been excellent; they understand the unique Publishing Industry and the roles within it. I have worked closely with Kellie Millar and Olivia Constantinides and both have always been professional and reliable. I trust them to oversee recruitment campaigns from start to finish, including negotiating the package. I would not hesitate to recommend Atwood. —Jessica Harris, Human Resources Manager at Simon & Schuster UK,February 2016

The team at Atwood Tate provide an excellent service and have successfully helped HarperCollins with both permanent and temporary recruitment, always supplying the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. They are always available for friendly advice and to offer helpful feedback and spend time getting to know the company and culture to offer the best solutions possible for our vacancies. I would recommend Atwood Tate to any publisher looking for a recruitment agency to partner with. —Harpercollins的斯蒂芬妮大厅,资源经理,January 2016

Atwood Tate have been so helpful to our business over the years. They offer a reliable and professional service and have sourced a number of exceptional candidates for us. What sets Atwood Tate apart from other recruitment agencies we have used is their attention to detail, ability to understand the most specific of briefs and a friendly, personable approach – they are always our first choice. —Julia Thomson, HR Advisor at Bloomsbury,January 2016

We worked with Beatrice Harper at Atwood Tate to find an editor and found the experience to be stress free and really impressive. Beatrice had an immediate good understanding of the type of person we were looking for and sent us over relevant candidates really quickly. We would definitely use Atwood Tate again in the future. —Rory Black,Director DataLoft,September 2015

I worked with Olivia Constantinides and was impressed by the standard of applicants Atwood Tate provided. Contact and response time was really good, and I would certainly use the agency again, and recommend them to others in my business. —Chris Branson, Head of Data and Inventory Management at Hachette (client),September 2015

SAGE Publications is an international publisher of academic and scientific books and journals, we often have requirements for Publishing positions. We have been using Kellie at Atwood Tate for all our Publishing recruitment and have found that they provide the quality and calibre of staff we need. Kellie is incredibly enthusiastic and professional in her approach. Kellie is great to work with and has demonstrated very quickly that she understands the demands of our business well and has managed to match candidates to our exact specifications. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. —Martha Crossley, HR Manager at SAGE Publications (client), June 2015

Responsive service, excellent candidates and really prompt follow up – I would definitely use Atwood Tate again.-Client, April 2015

Beatrice Harper took the time to understand what we were looking for, taking into account both the skill set and the personality of our ideal candidate. I felt she really grasped the company ethos, which is so essential in a small business. I found the candidate’s applications were very comprehensive, especially the in-depth covering letters and background information provided. Excellent service with that all-important personal touch.-Anna Westermann, Creative Director, PageTiger (client)April 2015

This is the first time I have used Atwood Tate and I was very impressed with the quality of candidates we received, and the level of service from Claire Louise. I would certainly recommend Atwood Tate to colleagues for future recruiting needs. —Hannah Brierley, Marketing Manager, Pearson (client)March 2015

We really enjoyed working with Karine Nicpon when recruiting for the role of Publications Officer. We received some really strong CVs for this particular role. Advantages were: great communication, quick to respond, I always felt I had been kept in the loop with things, a good handover when Karine was out of the office, and a really good sole agency fee. —客户,March 2015

阿特伍德泰特不仅提供专业的服务,还提供个人触感,以支持招聘流程。我个人的联系Beatrice不仅要了解我们所必需的技能,她也对我们公司的环境和文化感兴趣,整体发现了合适的人才。快速回复经验丰富的候选人,他们都是相关的,非常适合我们的业务。候选人的持续联系和简报在采访时没有混淆,现在我总是返回阿特伍德·塔特为我们的招聘需求,因为没有艰难的卖出,只是伟大的客户服务。-Christina Papadamou, Group Operations Director, TPG UK(客户),March 2015

Our work with Susan Glinska and her team at Atwood Tate helped us to recruit a new Email Marketing professional for our Digital Marketing team. What we appreciated most was their ability to meet our requirements and provide a very strong candidate who was a perfect fit for the role. We are very pleased with their professional service and mindset. —Laz Tyrekidis,Digital Marketing&Audence Director,Metropolis International(客户),January 2015

We needed to quickly recruit a new editor for our monthly B2B newspaper and website, and Atwood Tate soon found a very strong candidate who was the perfect match. Our thanks to Beatrice Harper, whose professional, efficient and proactive approach was integral in ‘selling’ the role and securing the candidate. —Rupert Gilbey, Managing Editor, Samedan Ltd(客户),November 2014

Kellie was very responsive to my request for a temporary Journals Production Editor. I gave her a very short deadline (3 days I think), and she came up with several viable suggestions. When needing to renew the temporary contract for several months she suggested a financial solution which not only benefitted Atwood Tate but also ICE Publishing. I was very happy with the service she gave, and would willingly contact Kellie again when I need another temp. —Tamsin Cousins, Content and Production Manager, ICE Publishing(client) October 2014

We have found Atwood Tate a highly professional recruitment agency who understand exactly the calibre and skill set of the candidates we require. —Sandeep Chagger, Senior HR Officer, Scholastic Ltd(client) September 2014

它总是一件快乐的事情处理在Atwo凯莉od Tate. She works hard to meet our challenging requirements and has a good understanding of the person we are looking for. She also understands when the recruitment process is held up or speeded up without warning and handles difficult issues professionally.丑角——乔希思,人力资源经理(客户端)May 2014

Kellie真的了解沃克,通常会提供候选人,这些候选人都适合我们作为公司,以及我们招募的角色 - 她真的试图在回到候选人之前理解角色。我们有许多场合我们需要非常快速,赋予了很多特定的简短。在这些情况下,Kellie成功地找到了我们所需要的人,而且对她来说永远不会对太多麻烦,她是开朗和积极的过程!我肯定会推荐Kellie和Atwood Tate。-HR Officer at Walker Books (client),May 2014

阿特伍德泰特特的Kellie提供了卓越的服务。候选人始终如一地匹配所发送的规格,我赞赏关于我们招聘项目进度的定期沟通。此外,Kellie是易变的,迅速欣赏客户的需求,并且很高兴与之合作。-丽莎里程,数字制作团队负责人,纳尔逊荆棘May 2014

Atwood Tate提供每次和每一个空缺的一流和专业服务,提供具有相关行业知识和经验的高口径候选人。顾问专业,友好,对我们的业务需求具有很好的理解。我强烈推荐Atwood Tate所有出版招聘要求。-Nicole Paddon, HR Advisor, Cengage Learning, June 2014

从我的角度来看,我对候选人感到满意,你送给我们,因为它们都适合这个角色并值得对讲。我在过去发现,一些代理商在评估候选人适当性方面有差的过滤过程,所以我们最终必须考虑到许多不合适的候选人;这肯定不是这种情况......因此,感谢您帮助使此时间变得非常平滑和无痛。-Head of Production, STM Society PublisherMarch 2014

Claire Louise Kemp为编辑和生产助理的角色提供了候选人。提供的服务很快,准确。我们的需求明确识别,遵循简介。提供的候选人的数量和适合性是完美的,导致我们在过去的两三年中随时随地为这项工作的最强的领域。Claire Louise在回答问题时非常出色,建立采访,与我们和候选人沟通,最终提出提议并确保最佳候选人。我觉得很难考虑如何改善服务。我们肯定会再次使用Atwood Tate,并强烈推荐给其他出版商。-Richard Hart, Hart Publishing, June 2013

Atwood Tate provided us with excellent candidates at very short notice for our vacancy for a critical commissioning position in our editorial department. Claire Louise Kemp was an absolute pleasure to work with, and organised interviews, contractual negotiations and start dates with our preferred candidate so efficiently that we went from contacting Atwood Tate to making a formal offer in less than two weeks. I would recommend both the agency and Claire Louise without hesitation to anyone looking to make an appointment where speed and assurance of quality are crucial. —Alex Hollingsworth,高级出版商,泰勒&弗朗西斯, March 2013

我继续professionalis留下了深刻的印象m and efficiency of Atwood Tate in all my dealings with them. Claire and Stephanie have helped me to staff almost the entire publishing team at the British Institute of Radiology, and I am very satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend them.–Jacqueline Fowler, The British Institute of Radiology, Feb 2013

Claire Louise supplied a very quick turnaround of very suitable candidates, matching them to our job description and needs. She was accessible and approachable (even with all the snow around, it didn’t stop us communicating with each other). Atwood Tate are very professional and really understand the industry. —黛安霍布斯,鱼鹰2013年1月

Stephanie Hall at Atwood made the process of our new Publishing Sales hire a pleasurable experience. The candidates put forward were exactly to our specification and she understood the requirements, culture and environment of our business immediately. The candidate that we hired has fitted in here excellently and we can only thank Atwood for ensuring that they were the perfect match. We will be recommending and reusing Atwood for our future recruitment needs. —Jacelyn Sharp , Children’s Educational Publisher,2013年1月

阿特伍德泰特提供优质的服务 - 他们沟通良好,并让我们及时了解他们的初始选择过程。建议面试的候选人被精心选择,并达到了我们的资格/技能/体验要求,我们已经能够填补了帖子。我们将来会继续使用他们的服务。- 2012年7月

[Helen Speedy]为我们提供了5个非常相关的候选人,我们选择采访,因为它们符合我们的要求。我们一直关注我们对舞蹈和音乐术语/符号知识的要求将难以找到,但我们对提出的候选人口岸感到惊喜。- 2012年7月

我通常不使用一个入门级职位空缺的机构,但阿特伍德·泰特出现了一个非常强大的候选人,他们与工作档案完美匹配,并拯救了我很多时间。- 2011年9月

海伦帮助我们在ISO中招募了两名候选人。我非常感谢她的专业性和强大的客户思维。和她一起工作是一种愉快和成功!-Laurence Waeber,HR Business合作伙伴,国际标准化组织(客户), June 2015

I have worked with Atwood Tate and different consultants on various roles, my main contacts have been Helen and Karine. I have found them both to work at a very high standard and they therefore stood out in regards to other agencies. This has ensured that I have continued to call them for all my recruitment needs. They were both pivotal in the recruitment of a whole new publishing team in a very short space of time. Understanding the needs of the business seems to be a skill that Atwood Tate possesses and has proved difficult to replicate. —Kofo Balogun,人力资源经理,生物化学协会(客户),June 2015

Atwood Tate delivered an excellent candidate for me and were exemplary throughout the whole process – all-in-all they were a pleasure to work with, and I will be using them again next time I have a similar role to fill.- 主管,教育服务提供商亚博英雄联盟May 2014