London Book Fair 2019


我们很高兴再次成为今年最大事件之一的一部分,提出了CV建议和我们对出版业的专业知识yaboLOL电竞职业诊所(you will need to be registered to attend the London Book Fair to participate but they have a limited number of free London Book Fair tickets).

您想在公平或在我们的办公室靠近Bond Street Station的办公室见面吗?给我们的管理员拨打0203 574 4420预约!

NB:我们在3月6日星期三跑到一个晚间CV /获得注册手术活动,您可以预约随时预约直到晚上7点!

We are feeling extra excited because for the first time there will be a live podcast stage! With a line-up that includes Ian McEwan and Daisy Buchanan, the podcasts will be happening over the three days at The Fireside Chat Stage. You can find the podcasts events here:一定要检查一下!

Are you a first timer?

  • Plan your旅行! (There are direct bus routes and Kensington Olympia has its own railway station)
  • Check out the lists ofexhibitorsand plan who you want to visit
  • Bring a big bag! (You may want to pick up leaflets and information)
  • There will be lots of free研讨会, make sure to attend one
  • 采取笔记薄和笔 - 参展商站立,他们正在推广将为您提供您可以在面试中使用的行业洞察力
  • 网络尽可能多
  • Follow up on all connections made
  • Most importantly– visit our consultants at The Careers Clinic

你是一个常规的参加者吗?(Authors, agents, publishers)

We don’t need to tell you what to do!

But make sure you are stocked up on business cards and have planned the exhibitors you are most interested in and the seminars you want to attend!


Meet Clare Chan- 伦敦和伦敦和家庭县的生产

Meet Kellie Millar– Kellie is the manager of our temps and freelancers desk and also recruits for all Administration, HR and Finance roles

Meet Faye Jones– Faye works on Editorial (B2B & Professional), Sales, Marketing and Rights in Oxford and all areas outside London and the Home Counties



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