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ALPSP Conference 2018

阿特伍德泰特是一个长期成员Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)and were delighted to attend their conference 12 – 14 September 2018. This conference plays a key role in scholarly publishing, and it attracted a high-level audience from all sectors including publishing people from academic, professional and STM publishing. This conference provides an opportunity to share information and knowledge, learn about new initiatives, as well as engage in open discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing publishing.

I spent a day at the ALPSP conference and attended a number of fruitful talks, includingEvolution of Peer Review,行业更新,在学术出版开放和透明and数字人文科学的新功能。The talks were very informative, and it also strengthens my knowledge in the field. In particular, I enjoyed the talk byThe Charlesworth Group扬声器Jean Dawsontalked about how scholarly publishers can use their service and promotes their works via WeChat to the Chinese audience.Ann MichaelfromDelta Thinkmade an interesting point on how data is never perfect so we need to build skills and team to fill the gaps.


If you weren’t able to attend, there are a number of resources and presentations available to view and listen to here:https://www.alpsp.org/2018-programme.

Video footage of all plenary sessions is also available on theAlpsp Youtube页面

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Industry Spotlight: STM Publishing

Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week Clare returns, focusing on roles in STM publishingSTM字云

What does ‘STM’ means in publishing?

STM Publishing.refers to scholarly,Scientific,Technical,Medical and professional publishers. In Atwood Tate, we work with a wide range of publishers from academic and scientific publishers, learned societies, open-access publishers and professional bodies to reach out to publishing professionals. The content is often journals or books based, for journals, there are open-access journals and subscription journals.


The majority of roles we work on require a scientific degree. It is not often that a Master’s or PhD is required but for senior editorial positions, especially working on a particular scientific subject, it is likely that a specific academic background will be needed. However, for roles that are more operational or with a strategic focus, companies might be more flexible on educational background. Some candidates have, for example, an English degree who now work in a managerial STM publishing role so never say never!


我们从初级到高级的角色工作。从编辑或出版助理,到中级生产编辑或调试编辑;高级管理编辑器或发布操作管理器等。STM Publishing是一个大面积,充满了转移您的专业知识。


STM Publishing快速增长和盛开,所以肯定会有良好的进展。通过使用不同的期刊和学术界组合,您将展现您的网络并获得对STM发布的更广泛了解。目前,许多STM发布商正在扩大和重组,因此肯定会有机会在该领域发展职业生涯。

If you are looking for a job in STM Publishing,get in touch with Clare atclarechan@atwoodtate.co.uk

阿特伍德泰特is a member ofALPSP(The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers).

Keep an eye out for ScholarlySocial @ScholarlySocial which has networking meetings.

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On Thursday we attended theOPuS21世纪出版的活动职业牛津Brookes University。该活动采用了来自各种公司的三位发言者,通过他们自己的特定工作经验道路谈话。该活动旨在回答有关易于进展和出版方面的易于移动的问题,需要建立您的职业生涯以及在传统出版公司外寻找成功的可能性。

Faye & Alison and Oxford Publishing Society

伊恩坎尔,Scient Scient Start Page的产品经理Elsevier

Ian completed the Oxford Brookes MA as he wanted to change careers. He completed an internship at John Wiley and then applied for the position of Digital Publishing Executive at Wiley, he then moved into product management for mobile platforms. He is now Product Management for Elsevier working on The Science Direct Article page.

Aaron O’Dowling-Keane, Sales and Marketing Manager atSherlock:现在的游戏

Aaron also studied the MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes and completed internships at OUP and the International Labour Office in Geneva. Her first role in publishing was for a small African Publisher in Oxford, she then moved away from publishing into crowdfunding, then story led interactive games and is now a Sales and Marketing Manager for a Sherlock themed escape room.

Saskia Watts, Marketing Specialist,VitalSource (Ingram)

After completing her MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, Saskia worked for Lightening Source as a marketing coordinator and she is now a marketing specialist for Ingram Vital Source.

Here are some interesting tips from the evening:
• 冒险
• Talk to your company about career development opportunities
• Take Risks, if the role does not suit you and you are not happy move on
• Create the role that you want
• Adapt and be flexible and keep learning

Useful links:
牛津Publishing Society, OPuS:http://oxfordpublishingsociety.org/
SYP.(Society of Young Publishers):https://thesyp.org.uk/

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Industry Spotlight: E-learning, Educational and Academic

Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. Our next entry is with our fantastic editorial desk, manned byChristina DimitriadiandCharlotte Tope


Welcome to the busy Editorial Desk where Christina, our Senior Recruitment Consultant and recent addition Charlotte, man the editorial fort. We look after all of the editorial roles that come in, for the Educational, E-learning, Assessment & Testing, Academic, Professional and Trade sectors in London and East Anglia. Pretty much all sectors minus STM, which our lovely consultant Clare Chan takes care off, and B2B which you read about in our last desk spotlight blog (if you missed it you can check it outhere).

Today, we are going to focus on the Educational, E-learning and Academic sectors, tell you more about what they are, how they differ and what roles we cover. In a future post we will cover trade and the professional sectors.

Educational Publishing

Educational Publishing is one of the largest sectors of publishing in the UK and it covers the whole spectrum, from curriculum publishers for primary and secondary schools to higher education publishers for university level. Educational publishing is dedicated to the creation and publication of textbooks and curriculum material for schools and higher education institutions. This includes the development of any additional content needed to support the course; such as workbooks, digital software, interactive websites and teacher’s guides. We work with candidates from their first roles up to the latest stages of their career development and positions you will be seeing advertised will range including Editorial Assistants, Project Editors, Commissioning Editors, Managing Editors, Product Managers, Heads of Editorial Content and Publishers.



E-Learning, Assessment and Testing


Academic Publishing

学术出版旨在传达对学术界的最新研究和发展。我们致力于发布学术期刊,书籍,电子书,教科书和研究人员,学生和学术图书馆的较小出版商和社会的愤怒。大学和博物馆出版学术书籍是常见的,特别是在学术上,我们也与学术协会合作,他们与其成员或公众分享信息。根据学科,学术出版可以分为两个部门,人文社会科学(HSS)和科学,技术和医疗(STM)。申请学术期刊角色时,您将听到的共同术语是同行评审过程,这是审查和评估公布之前的文章的质量和有效性的程序。您可以阅读更多关于该过程的信息hereand on the websites of the majority of academic publishers. Common roles you will see us looking for are Editorial Assistants, Publications Editors, Commissioning Editors and Publishers.

We hope this blog gives you a good idea of the sectors we work within and what roles we cover. More desk spotlights are scheduled to come so do keep an eye on our website. For more information on editorial roles in educational, e-learning and academic publishing feel free to contact Christina atChristina@yabo电竞投注atwoodTate.co.uk.or Charlotte andcharlottetope@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk.

阿特伍德泰特recruits across all levels and all functions so if you are looking for a new role in publishing please get in touch with us atinfo@atwoodtate.co.uk。We also have a very active temps and freelance desk so of you are open to short term contracts or are looking to boost your freelance career, you can reach Alison atalisonredfearn@atwoodtate.co.uk

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5 Great Reasons to Work in Academic Publishing

Today marks the end ofAcademic Book Week2018 (#acbookweek.),这是一周长期庆祝学术书籍的多样性,各种和影响,旨在在学术书籍的制造商,提供者和读者之间开展对话。“

Academic publishers produce and sell scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works for researchers, students and academic libraries. We work with a lot of academic publishers on a variety of roles, from Editors to Marketing gurus to Production Controllers to Salespeople, in permanent, temporary and freelance positions. It’s an exciting and rewarding industry to be in, and here’s why:

  1. You work on cutting-edge research from top academics. The articles and books you publish will help teach new generations of students, and may even revolutionise the field. You could even publish work on sociology and politics which helps to shape public policy. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that makes a difference, academic publishing could be for you.
  2. Use your strong academic background in a related field. Your humanities or arts degree or postgraduate degree will be invaluable in an editorial role in academic publishing, so you can continue working on the subjects you love. (N.b. you do NOT need a PhD to work in academic publishing, but it is an advantage in some areas. A keen interest in the subject area is essential.)
  3. In a world of fake news and the devaluation of experts, be part of an industry which values intellectual rigour and research integrity through peer review processes.
  4. Be at the centre of exciting debates and advances in the industry. Join the debate on Open-Access or be at the forefront of technological advances in academic materials and e-learning. If you’re into tech and finding new ways of engaging digitally-savvy audiences, academic publishing is an exciting place to be.
  5. 虽然不是allabout the money, the salaries are often higher in academic publishing than in other sectors like trade.


For more information about what academic publishing is and how you can get into it, see our blog postshereandhere

To see our current academic vacancies, clickhere

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伦敦薄ok Fair 2018 Round-Up



We had a comfortable booth in the Club at the Ivy, which acted as our base and a venue for meetings on all three days of the fair.

The excitement of the fair was contagious, and it was really fun to walk around soaking up the atmosphere and looking at the stands. It was great to see what new releases are coming out soon as well as new developments in the industry as a whole, including a big focus on technology and audio.

今年的大谈话点是椭圆形办公室的娱乐,建造宣传比尔克林顿和詹姆斯·帕特森的新小说的发布,总统失踪了。我最喜爱的是尽管奥斯本站looked like a treehouse! The children’s section was as fun and colourful as ever.


Christina and Alison had a great time at the薄okcareers.com clinic supported by The Publishers Association。They met enthusiastic future publishers and gave them our best tips as well as explaining a little more about what we do, including our temps service, which is a great way for aspiring publishers to gain (paid!) work experience. If you missed it, you might want to have a look at ourWork Experience and Entry Level Resourcespage on our blog.


海伦特别喜欢在学术和专业出版中遇到有趣的人ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers)星期二喝酒。她要感谢他们组织这么良好的网络机会!



安娜走向了Society of Young Publishersseminars onGetting Intoand在发布中取得进展。这些研讨会在Facebook上广播,如果你错过了他们,你仍然可以看他们here。They simultaneously launched their new mentoring scheme, SYPinto – find more informationhere并快速获取您的应用程序!来自研讨会的主要住卖是:告诉招聘人员为什么他们应该雇用你,不包括无关或负面的东西,求职信同样重要,如果不是比简历更重要。网络和建立联系人是事情,这部分是LBF的概述!

海伦去了研讨会'学术研究:应该多么自由?“它非常有趣,睁开眼睛对开放访问(OA)出版的复杂司机以及周围问题的复杂性,包括不同市场对OA的不同看法。例如,印度研究人员通常怀疑OA,但中国往往会有较少的问题,并将乐于享有着名品牌的OA。这是一个复杂的全球图片,出版商和研究人员之间的沟通线并不总是明确,这导致困难。Researchers often take a narrow view and are focussed on how publishing affects their funding but publishers have an overarching view of the complex issues and other drivers of the change to OA, so they aren’t always “on the same page” and that is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

From Academic to Children’s publishing: Ellie was particularly excited to see one of her childhood heroes,杰奎琳威尔逊。She went to listen to her give a great question and answer session, where she spoke about the challenges and rewards of writing about children from disadvantaged backgrounds who experience very difficult situations. She also talked about returning to old characters (as in her new book,My Mum Tracy Beaker)与我们第一次开始写作时,今天面临的孩子们面临的新挑战。显然,她发现写文本消息对话比一人一对一更难!

On a more serious note, Claire went to the talk on‘A Bookish Brexit’,这有涵盖了关于国际出版社可能期望的英国发表行业以及英国需要采用的政策职位的想法。出版商的协会发布了您可以看到的英国出版物的蓝图here

Claim to fame…

Our very own Senior Recruitment Consultant Claire Carrington-Smith was featured in the Bookseller Daily on the Wednesday for ‘My Job in Five’! If you missed it you can see it againhere

Let us know what your favourite part of the London Book Fair in the comments below. Or contact us on any of our social media:推特,Facebook,linkedin,YouTubeorInstagram。

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PPA IPN Conference & Awards

The annual Independent Publisher Conference and Awards Ceremony 2017. We are very proud to be sponsoring the event and hope to see you there!

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伦敦Info International 5 – 6 Dec 2017

Next week is the London Info International conference and exhibition at The Business Design Centre, Islington. Atwood Tate will be exhibiting for the first time so we hope to see you there. Anyone can book a FREE place for the exhibition现在so invite your colleagues and industry friends! (Entry is free if you pre-register)

伦敦Info International(LII) is a conference for the information industry with a diverse set of world leading speakers who will discuss and debate the most important and pertinent topics affecting us.


  • Ziyad Marar,总裁,全球出版,Sage Publishing
  • Alfred Rolington, CEO Cyber Security Intelligence
  • Danny Kingsley, Deputy Director of Scholarly Communication University Library, University of Cambridge, Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Cambridge
  • 尼古拉琼斯,出版大挑战,斯普林斯自然

会议将涵盖所有affe主题cting information professionals today, including: Facing the realities of uncertainty. New tribes, changing realities. The AI and machine learning renaissance – a revolution in the waiting? Dispatches from the university publishing revolution. Meet the upstarts – the publishing start-ups challenging the status quo. Valuing truth in the age of fake. Birth of the new infotech. Whose research is it anyway? Open science, open futures? Welcome to the new impact.

See the full Conference programme and speakershere

还有Showfloor presentationsincluding sessions on includes sessions on Rights, Counter, Copyright, Text and Data Mining, Scientific Research and Education, Content and Technologies.

And look out for the ‘Disruptor Zone’ (a competitive event designed to offer start-ups, vendors and publishers the opportunity to showcase their newest and most innovative products, platforms and/or content).

Exhibitors will be across the industry showcasing the best of scholarly, research and professional publishing, tools, technologies and service providers.

You can prebook for ‘Scheduled Networking’! There is a 1hr session each day where you will be given the opportunity to spend a few minutes with organisations of your choice to exchange business cards and have a brief discussion which can be extended on their stand or another meeting set up.Click here to sign up.


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Q&A Round Up

Last week was the出版商协会的#workinpublishing week! We did a Q&A on推特– if you missed it, you can catch up here.


A: Office/admin experience is useful across the board, as are work experience, internships or temp roles in publishing houses! A well written, clear and concise cover letter will also get you a long way.

Q: How important do you think events like literary events and trade shows are?


Q:When considering a job offer, it’s not just about salary. What else should candidates be thinking about?

A: Consider what’s important to you – the commute time, flexible working opportunities, training/professional development and company benefits!

问:什么是最理想的额外工具have experience in?

A: It depends on the role! But skills like InDesign, social media, general admin/database experience are useful for a lot of publishing work.

Q: I have a lot of volunteer experience with indie pubs, and I’m starting to look for my first publishing job. What would you say my next step should be?

A: Sounds like you should start applying for entry-level roles! You’d also be a great temping candidate, which can sometimes lead to long term roles.

Q: how can I make myself stand out from the hundreds of other graduates when applying for jobs?

A: Make your cover letter stand out by talking about your work experience, any temp roles, admin experience, and extracurricular interests which give you transferable skills!

Q: Are entry level publishing roles hard to come by? I feel like I haven’t seen many around since I graduated.

A: Entry-level roles are VERY competitive so get filled quickly, but a great way to get your foot in the door is through temping! Register with us for temping opportunities and we may be able to help.

Q: What are the most in demand roles in publishing?

A: Most people want to work in editorial, but publishers are always looking for Commissioning Editors and Production Controllers!

Q: What are your top tips for writing a good CV?


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Beanstalk and Reading Matters have joined forces!

We were delighted to hear that Beanstalk who we’ve been supporting for the last 7 years has now merged with another literacy charity, Reading Matters. This will allow them to support even more children and young people and help them to achieve their 2020 vision of working with 30,000 children.

The aim of the charity is to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain confidence in reading. Beanstalk provides 1-1 reading support to children in primary schools and early years, Reading Matters covers secondary schools so this is a great combination.

In 2016-17 Reading Matters helped 6,497 children and young people while Beanstalk worked with 11,000 children over the same period.


  • Beanstalk是一个国家慈善机构,为争取阅读的儿童提供一对一的识字支持。
  • The charity recruits, trains and supports volunteers to provide one-to-one literacy support in primary schools.
  • 在最后一年中,慈善机构有助于英国超过11,000名儿童,超过1,400所学校,借助超过3,000名阅读助手,确保儿童有技能和信心达到其真实潜力。
  • By 2020-21 Beanstalk aims to help 30,000 children every year, with 8,000 volunteers.

About Reading Matters

  • Reading Matters is a registered charity and not-for-profit social enterprise which began in 1997. Since then, the charity has supported tens of thousands of young people.
  • In 2016/17, Reading Matters supported 6,497 children and young people and on average increased reading ages by 13 months in just 10 weeks.
  • The charity runs a range of programmes: Reading Mentors, Reading Leaders, Reading Families and Reading Teams. They provide schools with a resource box of reading materials that will engage and encourage reluctant readers.
  • Reading Matters’ social mission is to help children, young people and adults to reach their potential by becoming confident and enthusiastic readers.

More info:



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