How to use Blogging to get into Publishing


如何向发布博客?你会感到惊讶。博客不是你应该开始的爱好specificallyto enter publishing, but if you have one: mention it!

博客ging is a growing hobby, and a new career choice, in the 21stcentury. Having a blog gives people a platform to discuss what they want and voice their own opinions. But it also gives you the opportunity to work with others across multiple fields of industry. Not to mention develops skills in your own time which can help you in the long-run.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for an entry-level role within publishing, blogging is a great skill to have! So long as you have some work experience to back it up, blogging can tip the balance on whether or not you get an interview or even a job!


书籍博客或书本(视频博客),让您有机会发表您对书籍和最新书籍趋势的看法。Blogger可以写评论,十大列表,趋势评论等等,这些主题中的每一个都与发布有一些相关性。如果您是一本既定的书籍博主,您甚至可能与出版商合作;参加博客旅游,托管赠品和Q&As和As和Shority Book Events。

Through communicating with publishers through these events, and voicing your own opinions, shows a potential employee that you understand the industry. You can see trends, converse with professionals and work to deadlines in a creative and independent manner.

This is relevant to all sectors, be it Trade or B2B, and all roles from IT, Editorial, Publicity and more!

It also shows an interest outside of work, which suggests to a future employer that you are a reliable candidate with a keen sense of the publishing industry.


Here some things you can highlight to show how blogging is useful to you:

  • 承诺:你博客的时间越好越好。这表明承诺和创造性思维,并证明您可以独立运行。
  • 网络:如果你worked with brands or publishers mention it on your CV. Not only does it prove your communicational skills, but also shows an understanding of the industries you mention. This is particularly good if the brands are relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Social Media and SEO abilities: Have you got 1000 twitter followers because of your blog publicity? Mention it! Do you understand SEO? Mention it!
  • 编码:如果您自己更改了您的HTML或者已经了解了它,那么将其作为技能。有关HTML的更多信息以及如何执行此操作,look at our series of posts here!
  • 设计:您设计了博客,还是制作自己的图形/标题?你有原创艺术品还是与他人合作创建艺术品?把它放在你的简历上。

There are so many relevant and useful skills which can be a real pull to employers when looking at CV.


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Writing a Winning Sales CV

Writing a Winning Sales CV

Writing a Winning Sales CV



So you don’t make the same mistake, I’ve compiled some guidelines of key things to include!

Whether a second jobber or an experienced sales manager you should include:

  • Sales figures –Where possible you should include details of revenue achieved, targets met, sales made etc… Always make sure they are honest and that you can back them up if asked about them in an interview.
  • Achievements –You should give examples of particular successes you’ve had, whether securing a large deal, signing on a new client…
  • Products & clients –If you’ve worked for a large organisation do specify what area of the business or publication you worked on or what type of products you were selling. It’s also useful to know who you were selling to or specific regions you dealt with.
  • Languages- 如果您有多种语言的专业能力,并且愿意在工作中使用它,请告诉我们!它可能只是特定客户正在寻找的东西。
  • Travel– If you are used to travelling a lot and enjoy it, it’s good to know and if applying for field sales positions, do mention if you have a clean driving licence and car.
  • 线路管理 -If you’ve managed staff, say how many and whether they were office or field based.

Last but not least, being a successful sales person is often very much about your personality so don’t be afraid to let this show on your CV. Also remember that you need strong communication skills and to be well presented and professional so your CV should demonstrate this.

For more general advice on CV layout, you should visithttps://yabo电竞投注atwoodtatepublishingjobyaboLOL电竞s.co.uk/advice/.