B2B Job Focus: Market Reporters


米arket Reporters

米arket reporters (or Pricing/Price Reporters) are journalists with distinct duties. They assess commodities prices and write market commentaries and news on specific markets.

Commodities are substances or products that can be traded. Single commodities markets include metals (gold, zinc, steel), energy (fuel oil, natural gas) or agriculture (rice, wheat, corn).

米arket reporters talk to trader and investors to establish a list of prices, either on a daily or weekly basis. They also need to develop solid relationship with commodity analysts, forecasters, financial planners and company CEOs and expand and maintain this network.



米arket reporters are expected to:

  • Develop an expertise of their industry, build strong contacts within it and attend relevant conferences, meeting and events
  • 评估价格并撰写关于该行业的评论和新闻
  • Interview professionals and travel when required to attend meetings
  • 及时了解外国市场报告
  • Have a good head for numbers and be meticulous with the data they collect



  • 新闻
  • 金融
  • Business
  • 经济学。

Of course, employers will expect you to have excellent writing and numerical skills. For senior positions, a relevant track record in the industry is necessary.

This article was the last of our series on B2B Job Focus, we hope you enjoyed it!

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Are you a section editor who wants to climb up the career ladder? Today we’ll introduce you to Deputy Editors & Editors!


副编辑are second-in-command within the publication. When the Editor is away, the deputy Editor deputises for them.



  • 编辑和校对作家的工作
  • 米anage and assign articles (and sometimes write them)
  • Oversee the publication’s content to maintain quality and accuracy
  • Organise copy editing and production processes
  • 指导或管理团队的初级成员

一些出版物可以使用职称Assistant Editorinstead, while other companies both have a deputy Editor and an assistant Editor. Assistant Editors’ main duty is to support the Editor, sometimes by performing a similar role as a section Editor. It’s confusing, we know!




编辑are expected to:

  • 计划,协调和修改出版物的内容
  • 米anage Editorial workflow and monitor the printing process to ensure deadlines are met
  • 建立和监控预算
  • 了解市场趋势并确定新产品的新机会
  • Review story ideas and suggest new ones
  • Act as the main point of contact between Editorial team and other departments
  • 与销售和营销团队合作,以提高品牌意识
  • 与活动团队合作以开发/启动新事件或提供活动内容
  • Attend industry events and chair panels
  • 管理和开发编辑团队,招聘人员和进行评估

编辑’ responsibilities can be very broad especially if you are working on a small publication. Editors work closely with the sales, marketing and production teams as well as writers to produce a quality publication.

As we mentioned before, job titles vary enormously from a company to another. A step up from Editor would be米anaging Editorand/or主编辑。

正如我们在我们之前的文章中解释的那样,通常需要广泛的经验是成为编辑B2B新闻and部分编辑。So if you are an ambitious graduate, you’ll have to get some relevant experience before applying for such a position!

Is our career advice helping you in your job search? Do let us know via our social media channels!

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B2B Job Focus: Digital / Online / Web Editor

您是一名记者还是想要爬上职业阶梯的部分编辑?在一个previous post,阿特伍德·泰特向您推出了部分编辑世界。今天我们将专注于数字/在线/网络编辑!

Digital / Online / Web Editor

Web editor positions (also known as Digital or Online editors) developed as online publishing was spreading across publishing. It is now a rare thing for a publication to have a print version only but not so peculiar to have digital only titles! Web editors are responsible for creating content tailored for online publication. This includes a wide range of material from text to videos and podcasts. Web editors create and develop editorial guidelines to attract and increase online audience.

Web editors’ responsibilities include:

  • producing appealing content for the publication’s website, app, etc.
  • 与内部团队成员和客户联系,以适应数字内容
  • ensuring that search engine optimisation (SEO) is effective
  • 监督在线出版物的布局(文本,图像,视频......)
  • 开发和监测在线社区
  • monitoring online messages boards and social media


Required Skills

Not surprisingly, web editors should have strong IT skills. An excellent knowledge of desktop publishing and photo imaging packages like Photoshop and InDesign is necessary to work as a web editor. They must also be familiar with SEO and content management systems. They still need to have strong editorial skills though as this is ultimately an editorial position! And employers value creative candidates who can anticipate the next trade or burning topic within their industry.

Career Background


You can find relevant Digital/Online/Web Editor jobs here:www.atwoodtate.co.uk

受到B2B出版和思考新机会的不同职业的启发?我们正在开展一场比赛,以获得与Karine,我们的Lead B2B顾问的个性化CV外科会话,以确保您是最好的申请人!应用这里午夜20之间TH.8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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B2B Job Focus: Section Editors

Thinking of a career in B2B journalism? Atwood Tate is here to help! In aprevious post我们向您介绍了B2B出版的美妙世界。Let’s continue our closer look at the different editorial career paths of B2B publishing with Section Editors!


Becoming a section editor is one of the career paths available to reporters/senior reporters interested in editing or getting some managerial experience. Section Editors can focus on a particular type of content likenews or features。他们还可以专注于时尚,游戏或技术等特定主题。


The duties associated with this role include:

  • 他们的杂志/网站调试/写作文章的部分的计划内容
  • 监督自由作家,以确保他们触及截止日期并潜在管理内部记者。
  • 编辑,校对和副作用

Section editors may write some content for the publication but their main duty is to supervise writers and guarantee that deadlines and quality standards are met.

Our clients expect candidates to have solid experience as senior reporters to apply for a section editor position. They are looking for reporters with good proofreading and subbing skills as well as the ability to manage a team and to plan content for the section of the magazine.

The natural progression for section editors is to move on to a deputy editor position and then an editor role. No specific qualification is required to become a section editor but a journalism degree can be a bonus as previously stated in our记者焦点。


Is our career advice helping you in your job search? Do let us know via our social media channels!

受到B2B出版和思考新机会的不同职业的启发?我们正在开展一场比赛,以获得与Karine,我们的Lead B2B顾问的个性化CV外科会话,以确保您是最好的申请人!应用这里午夜20之间TH.8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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Thinking of a career in B2B journalism? Atwood Tate is here to help! In aprevious post我们向您介绍了B2B出版的美妙世界。让我们现在仔细看看B2B出版的不同编辑事业路径,从记者开始!


B2B Reporters/Journalists source and write news and features articles for a variety of formats, from print and online magazines to newspapers and broadcast (TV and radio).

B2B journalists investigate and report the latest news within a specific market. In this capacity, reporters may be required to travel nationally and/or internationally to cover industry events. Typical duties include:

  • Sourcing and writing news stories/features/opinion pieces about a specific market
  • Researching and interviewing key industry contacts to deliver accurate content
  • 涵盖会议和报告行业事件
  • 在行业内建立强大的联系,并开发市场的专业知识

B2B publications cover a wide range of subjects: from mechanical engineering to cabinet-making, energy to nursing, there is a publication for every trade!



Is a formal qualification really necessary to become a journalist, I hear you ask? It isn’t an absolute requirement and some of our clients are quite happy with equivalent experience. A course might help craft your skills and teach you the basics of what makes a good reporter. If you can, we would recommend doing a course/training or gaining some relevant experience like internships before applying for a first job. The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) offers accredited courses and many universities have journalism degrees.


受到B2B出版和思考新机会的不同职业的启发?我们正在开展一场比赛,以获得与Karine,我们的Lead B2B顾问的个性化CV外科会话,以确保您是最好的申请人!应用这里午夜20之间TH.8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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Industry Spotlight: B2B

Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. Our next entry is with our fantastic B2B desk, manned byKarine Nicponand朱莉爱尔格拉。Karine and Julie help match B2B clients and candidates across the country, with a variety of roles across a range of business sectors.


B2B或商业到商业出版物是其关注的行业,旨在工作中的人们。它们也被称为“专业”或“贸易”期刊(与学术期刊不同,不要困惑!)。一个例子是书商orInPublishing: both are B2B magazines aimed at the publishing industry. There are as many B2B publishing sectors as there are job industries. You will find business publications for lawyers and finance professionals, but also construction workers, nurses, farmers, the list goes on. B2B readerships can be ‘vertical’ (publication is aimed at a specific industry, such as lawyers) or ‘horizontal’ (the audience is spread over many industries, such as PAs). These titles can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly etc. in print and/or digital. A lot of B2B publishers also run conferences and events aimed at the industries they cover. Some publishing groups publish both B2B and B2C magazines.


B2B is aimed at people in a professional capacity whilst B2C publications are consumer magazines made to entertain/inform in a more general capacity (such as fashion magazines or TV listings) or consumer specialist titles about a special interest/hobby (e.g. music, cookery, photography). We need to differentiate these two sectors from customer publishers/content marketing agencies who produce content aimed at customers on behalf of a specific company. Examples include free inflight magazines or supermarket magazines. Some customer publishers have become more specialised and produce print and digital content on behalf of businesses, charities, educational or professional bodies, who might not have an in-house publishing team.



On the magazine side of things, we mainly focus on B2B publishing and events and also work with information providers. We sometimes do have vacancies across customer/contract publishing as some of our clients do both B2B and custom publishing. But we rarely represent consumer-only publishers, unless their publications are niche/specialist magazines, which we find have a lot of similarities with B2B publishing in terms of skills required to fit a role.

Does B2B publishing automatically mean finance or legal publishing?

Not at all! As mentioned above, B2B publishing can cover any industry. We very often do have roles in financial publishing but we also partner with clients producing content for retail or marketing professionals, GPs, lawyers, optometrists, etc. If you chose to work in B2B publishing, you could end up covering any subject; the possibilities are endless!

在B2B出版中,Atwood Tate帮助的角色是什么?

We recruit across all publishing functions from content creation (reporter, features writer, news editor, copy-editor/sub-editor, managing editor, etc.) to production (designer, production editor, production manager) and sales, events or marketing roles. We also have more specialised roles such as market/price reporters or data journalists. And we can even help with IT roles as we have an IT consultant! We recruit for permanent and contract or temp/freelance roles.

For more information about B2B publishing, feel free to contact Karine at karinenicpon@atwoodtate.co.uk or Julie at JulieIrigaray@atwoodtate.co.uk. For B2B temp/freelance roles, please contact Kellie Millar at kelliemillar@atwoodtate,co.uk

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PPA.Independent Publisher Awards 2017


上个月,我们很高兴成为其中的赞助商之一PPA.Independent Publisher Awards 2017。It was an exciting day and a great occasion to catch up with a lot of friendly contacts, clients and candidates, and the Independent Publisher Conference in the morning was as always full of talented speakers and valuable insights.

Jim Bilton, Managing Director at Wessenden Marketing, was the first to take the stage. He offered the audience a unique insight into the key industry trends in 2017, which has been a challenging year. He observed a massive drop in turnover and headcount growths (these figures were compiled from the benchmark Publishing Futures survey taken by 99 publishers).关键产业度量图当然,这当然影响了我们的客户和候选人,特别是在较小的出版商中减少了较小的出版商(只有44%比一年前更加自信)。B2B Publishing,jim评为更全球和广告驱动,而不是消费者发布和低打印。总体B2B具有稳定的盈利能力。吉姆向受众提供了宝贵的建议,以克服挑战,适应变化的媒体景观,他yaboLOL电竞在积极的票据中结束,因为2018年应该是一个有希望的一年,主要指标拿起。

早上是关于迫在眉睫的GDPR的会议的另一个重要信息。Lewis Silkin的合作伙伴Simon Morissey通过用户暗示在线营销所暗示的同意,讨论了我们。GDPR将为用户提供更多控制和选择对其数据。这将是出版业的挑战,但西蒙指出挑战会产生机会。他还强烈建议出版商开始考虑他们的营销GDPR战略,而不是2018年5月,但现在!

This enlightening morning was followed by the PPA Independent Publisher Awards. I was proud (and I confess a bit nervous!) to give away the award for Publisher of the Year. It was a great afternoon in very nice company. Congratulations again to all the winners of this year and thanks to the PPA for organising such a wonderful event! Bring on 2018.PPA.Independent Publisher Awards winners


Karine Nicpon, Lead Consultant (B2B roles)

T:020 7034 7905



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European Information Industry Network Conference 2015

阿联酋体育场提供了令人印象深刻的环境European Information Industry Network Conference 201510月22日。


Some 160 delegates, comprising B2B publishing leaders, experts and influencers, gathered to “learn, share and connect” as declared by Julian Turner, CEO of电动词, in his opening remarks.

他的欢迎随后是Kate Worlock, Vice President and Lead Analyst ofOutsell,Inc。,世卫组织探索了营销自动化,搜救,搜索和聚合等关键增长领域,指出营销分析和数据被设定为明年的顶部现货。她强调,到2020年,千禧年(1980年至2000年间出生的人)将占员工的50%,因为他们开始超过婴儿潮一代,他们已经在敏捷性方面塑造了出版社,以及他们的协作和社会方法。


Marc值得,董事长兼首席执行官Stylus Media Group, made some interesting observations about shifts in trends and forecasting which, until recently, have tended to look about 18 months ahead in most industries, following the lead from fashion in the early 80s. With the advent of social media, trends can now appear overnight and disappear just as quickly. This has led to the emergence of micro trends, particularly in niche industries. “Business must be ready to innovate, to be proactive rather than reactive”, said Worth.

Carla Buzasi.

Carla Buzasi.,全球首席内容官员,WGSN, explained how content needs to be able to provoke a reaction. Returning to discussion of the rise of the Millenials, she informed the audience how members of this generation currently operate with, on average, 3 technological devices. And coming up closely behind them is Generation 2 (those born after 2000) who operate with 5. She left us ruminating on the daunting thought that the human brain has now evolved to gather information in the space of just 8 seconds. That’s how long publishing professionals have to capture the engagement of their audience!



The afternoon presented more insight, case studies and a keynote panel discussion, after which肯瓦基州, 总统,SIIA总结了所有讨论中存在的一个词的话语是“中断”;在其强大但积极的意义上破坏,作为动态行业预测,适应性和创新的必要性。

EIIN 2015.

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Introducing Beatrice Harper, new B2B consultant

出版世界不仅仅是贸易书籍或学术期刊。在阿特伍德atit attate,我们希望帮助您在任何您工作的行业,所以我们很高兴欢迎Beatrice向团队提供。Beatrice将专注于建立我们业务的B2B方面。

Beatrice Harper.
Beatrice 1
比阿特丽斯泰特加入了阿特伍德在职业那t includes recruitment and training, academic research, B2B, journalism, and freelancing as a professional violinist. After completing a PhD and working in academic research at London South Bank University, she joined the RBI B2B publication, European Employment Review, where she wrote about key employee relations developments across Europe. Following this she worked for The Media Network, a specialist editorial headhunter and recruitment consultancy. She also carried out jobseeker training with Agewise Recruitment as part of their DWP contract. Most recently, she was freelancing as a researcher and writer, and in this guise her clients included Delta Economics and Equal Opportunities Review.
Tel: 020 7487 8237

Please join me in welcoming Beatrice to Atwood Tate, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any B2B-related queries.

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