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CV Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Working in recruitment, we look at a LOT of CVs. One thing that can help or hinder a candidate is how they’ve laid out their CV – we try to look past the structure to the content, but this is made MUCH easier when the information is presented clearly and logically. It’s not about fancy designs (unless you are applying for design roles), but a well-structured CV demonstrates your written communication skills, which are essential in any publishing job.


做明确规定了日期(月、年)吗worked at any position.

e.g. November 2015 – October 2017 Atwood Publishing Sales Assistant

DO use concrete figures and examples to back up your achievements. Statistics sound impressive!

DO use bullet points which list your responsibilities and accomplishments in each previous role.


DO save your document as a Word or PDF document and name it something like ‘Jane Bloggs CV’.

DO specify the relevant IT programmes or programming languages you are competent in under your ‘Skills’ section – InDesign, Microsoft Office, WordPress, HTML etc. Also mention if you can speak any foreign languages.

DO maintain a professional style. You can include details of your interests to make it personal; however, a CV shouldn’t be in an informal or ‘chatty’ style.

DO list your education and employment in reverse chronological order. However, if your most relevant experience is not your most recent, you may want to do a separate ‘Relevant Experience’ section above your ‘Recent Employment’ section.

DO provide a link to your LinkedIn profile, and if it’s relevant (such as for publicity roles) your Twitter handle or blog URL.


DON’T write long paragraphs. It makes the relevant information harder to find and a Hiring Manager might miss something important.

DON’T go over two sides of A4. You need to demonstrate you can prioritise relevant information.



DON’T list all your GCSEs or O-Levels, as it takes up too much space. It’s fine to put ‘3 x A grades, 6 x B grades, 1 x C grade, including English and Maths at grade B.’



Other Resources

See our suggested CV layout这里!You can also find more resources on ouradvice page.

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Advice from the Careers Clinic

Advice from the Careers Clinic

Advice from the Careers Clinic

Last week two of our consultants, Alison and Karine attended the London Book Fair Careers Clinic, run bybookcareers.com.

For all of those who were unable to attend the book fair or the Careers Clinic we wanted to provide you with the information which was most requested by those that attended.


We have many blog posts on writing a good CV, which you can read here:

The main things to remember when writing a CV is to includeallof your publishing experience and to keep it clean and simple.

You must also remember a Cover Letter. The main thing about a cover letter is that you tailor it to each job you apply for. Try not to over complicate things and keep it as concise as possible.

For more information on cover letters take a look at this blog post:

Work Experience

The most popular questions at the Careers Clinic were about work experience.

We don’t handle work experience or internships. But to gain an entry-level job in publishing you need to haveat least3 month’s work experience in publishing.

You can gain this experience through a work experience placement, internship or through temping.

For more information about temping take a look at this post written by our temp team’s administrator Michael:

Temping is a great way to gain paid work experience, and possibly gain a full-time job upon completion of your contract. If you’re looking for an entry-level role艾莉森雷弗雷恩Kellie Millar是我们的Temps团队顾问,是您在阿特伍德塔特的最佳联系点。

For more information about looking for work experience, internships and other ways to gain experience within publishing we suggest you look at our Work Experience and Entry-Level resources page:


To register with Atwood Tate you can upload your CV and preferences here, and we will get back to you with information as soon as possible:Registration page.

You can also take a look at our publishing resources leaflet which we were handing out at the careers clinic:Publishing Resources Leaflet

If you want to know something in particular get in contact with us on any of our social media:Twitter,Facebook,linkedin,YouTube或者Instagram.

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如何向发布博客?你会感到惊讶。博客不是你应该开始的爱好specificallyto enter publishing, but if you have one: mention it!

博客ging is a growing hobby, and a new career choice, in the 21英石century. Having a blog gives people a platform to discuss what they want and voice their own opinions. But it also gives you the opportunity to work with others across multiple fields of industry. Not to mention develops skills in your own time which can help you in the long-run.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for an entry-level role within publishing, blogging is a great skill to have! So long as you have some work experience to back it up, blogging can tip the balance on whether or not you get an interview or even a job!


Book blogging, or booktubing (video blogging), gives you the chance to voice your opinions about books and the latest book trends. A book blogger can write reviews, top ten lists, trend-reviews and more and each of these topics has some relevance to publishing. If you’re an established book blogger you may even work with publishers; taking part in blog tours, hosting giveaways and Q&As and attending book events.



It also shows an interest outside of work, which suggests to a future employer that you are a reliable candidate with a keen sense of the publishing industry.

Whether you’re a book blogger or not; blogging is skill to add to your CV!

Here some things you can highlight to show how blogging is useful to you:

  • Commitment: The longer you’ve been blogging the better. This shows commitment and creative thinking, and also proves that you can work well independently.
  • 网络:如果你曾与品牌或及其作者hers mention it on your CV. Not only does it prove your communicational skills, but also shows an understanding of the industries you mention. This is particularly good if the brands are relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • 社交媒体和SEO能力:你有1000个推特粉丝因为你的博客宣传吗?提到它!你了解SEO吗?提到它!
  • 编码:如果您自己更改了您的HTML或者已经了解了它,那么将其作为技能。有关HTML的更多信息以及如何执行此操作,look at our series of posts here!
  • Design: Did you design your blog, or make your own graphics/headers? Have you got original artwork or worked with others to create artwork? Put it on your CV.



Need any more tips about how to enter publishing? Take a look at ourWork Experience & Entry-Level Resources!

For more advice, or if you have any questions, get in touch via any of our social media:Twitter,Facebook,linkedin,YouTube或者Instagram.

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写作a Winning Sales CV

写作a Winning Sales CV

写作a Winning Sales CV

Creating the perfect CV is one of the most important things for any job seeker. But particularly so for sales people. Where a journalist can submit samples of their writing or a designer a portfolio of work, as a sales person your CV has to do most of the talking.

Having reviewed many CVs in my time in recruitment, I’ve come to identify what makes an effective and well written CV for sales roles. There are many simple bits of information that candidates miss out which may affect their chances of being considered for a job.

So you don’t make the same mistake, I’ve compiled some guidelines of key things to include!

Whether a second jobber or an experienced sales manager you should include:

  • Sales figures –Where possible you should include details of revenue achieved, targets met, sales made etc… Always make sure they are honest and that you can back them up if asked about them in an interview.
  • Achievements –You should give examples of particular successes you’ve had, whether securing a large deal, signing on a new client…
  • Products & clients –If you’ve worked for a large organisation do specify what area of the business or publication you worked on or what type of products you were selling. It’s also useful to know who you were selling to or specific regions you dealt with.
  • 语言- 如果您有多种语言的专业能力,并且愿意在工作中使用它,请告诉我们!它可能只是特定客户正在寻找的东西。
  • Travel– If you are used to travelling a lot and enjoy it, it’s good to know and if applying for field sales positions, do mention if you have a clean driving licence and car.
  • Line management –If you’ve managed staff, say how many and whether they were office or field based.


For more general advice on CV layout, you should visithttps://atwoodtatepublishingjobs.co.uk/advice/.

If you have any questions get in touch via social media:Twitter,Facebook,linkedin,YouTube或者Instagram.

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博客mas: Day 15

这是15日!10天去!你今天完成了你圣诞购物吗?希望我们在下午2点前往圣诞节办公室午餐时。但之前我们将发布我们的第二次Youtube关于我们全新的视频Youtube Channel! Make sure you check out this one and the previous video, for more tips and tricks to getting into publishing!

今天也是LAST DAY进入BLOGMAS GIVEAWAYwe have running! All entries must be in by Midnight tonight! We will release the name of the winner tomorrow so make sure you have entered to have a chance of winning a Huge Stocking of Christmas Goodies! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

让我们知道圣诞节的月份是怎么回事!厌倦了圣诞音乐 - 我们不是!来打招呼Twitter,Facebook,Instagramlinkedin. I’m sure we’ll be posting during our meal too!

Merry Christmas!

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Creative CV Design: the do's and don'ts

There is lots of advice out there onhow to write a good CV对于发布中的大多数角色,以及您被告知的一个关键事情不是将图像放入,而不是与您的布局带来创造性的。

But what if you are designer and images and creative layout are what youdo?

So here are some things to help when applying for book designer roles * (this will post mainly talk about roles in Trade book design, but the same hints/tips can be applicable for most sectors).

Firstly, bear in mind that the CV, cover letter, and your portfolio, all need to work together. Let’s call this bundle “the application pack”. Whist most people will read a cover letter first, you cannot guarantee it won’t be the CV (or even the portfolio) that they start with. So make sure each part of your application pack gives the very best impression of you and your skills that they can.

Next, remember you are a设计师. You profession is essentially about imparting information in a visually impactful way. The application pack are the first pieces of your work a potential employer will see. So make sure they are good!

One hiring manager I spoke to takes all the application packs submitted for a particular job, prints them out (in black and white) and spreads them over the meeting room table. All the team then walk around, picking up their favourites. The lesson to take from this? You have to be prepared for the application pack to be viewed in multiple ways – print, screen, colour, black and white… The way to go is A4 and portrait for the CV and cover letter. A4 and either portrait or landscape for the portfolio.

Creative CV Advice

Designers, a “creative CV” can be helpful. However, it can go horribly wrong if it is badly designed or illegible.

  1. Make sure the layout is clean and readable. It is quite common to have a one page CV as a designer, but if you need more room take the full two pages.
  2. Get some personality in there – don’t just use a stock template.
  3. At the same time, don’t go over the top. The CV has a fairly traditional format for a reason. If it doesn’t clearly show your past work experience, education, and relevant skills, then it isn’t doing its job.
  4. Put dates on your CV – dates of qualifications, education, and past employment.
  5. 在CV上包含与您的投资组合的链接。准备好CV,以与其他地区的应用程序包分开,并在办公室递交/通过电子邮件发送给。让人们只需查看您的简历即可进入有关您的相关信息。
  6. 细节您的职责是在每个角色中的责任:如果您正在覆盖覆盖;布局;与插图书籍,儿童或成年人合作;如果您正在处理插图者;如果您正在调试自由职业者,管理人员等。并非关于您的设计技能,您也有其他技能展示!
  7. If your CV is in PDF format (standard for designers) and you’ve put in a link to your portfolio, make sure that the link is clickable but also fully visible. Show the person viewing on a screen that you are aware of the possibilities of InDesign. Show the person viewing a print-out that you can design for multiple audiences.
  8. Lastly, (and to reiterate the first point) it needs to be readable! Showing your skills and your creativity is great, but most importantly we need to be able to see at a glance what your experience is. If it is too much of an effort to see what you’ve been up to, the recruiter/HR might give up quickly as they likely have a big pile of CVs to go through.


As a designer, a portfolio is essential to show that you actually have the skills you said you have in the CV.

  1. We highly recommend you have a website version of your portfolio. You don’t have to pay for a personal domain, or for a very elaborate design – unless you want to! There are lots of free services out there – behance, Tumblr, WordPress, Deviantart to name just a few. At a minimum you need a place to display examples of your work. It also shows recruiters you have technical skills in digital software
  2. But you also need to have a curated PDF version of your portfolio ready to supply if asked for it (especially if the advert expressly wants this). This demonstrates your ability to select your work, and to present it in an orderly and beautifully designed way.
  3. Try to make sure this is a fairly small file size because quite a lot of companies limit the size of attachments that can be received. 4MB is a good guide size. It also shows you are capable of choosing the appropriate resolution and image size for your audience.
  4. 避免在应用程序包,黑色背景it is still very common to print out applications, and often only on a B&W printer. Dark backgrounds become unreadable really easily.
  5. 定制您的投资组合 - 申请打印作业?确保您的书/杂志布局位于顶部。网页设计?首先要包含它们。并注意您的受众 - 在儿童出版商处申请工作?不要有NSFW艺术!
  6. 在投资组合考虑usi——web和PDFng headings (books, web design, product design, adverts) and providing a bit more description about each project (e.g.,“I did the full layout for this book for a paying client”, 或者“这是一个自动申请设计的练习”…)


We’ve之前谈过求职信上the blog and all of that advice still holds true for designer roles. Whilst your portfolio is your main selling tool for design jobs, don’t ignore the cover letter – especially in publishing, where words matter. Take the one A4 page to clearly demonstrate your suitable skills and why you want this particular job at this particular company (and don’t forget to include that link to your portfolio!)

Some general advice

(a.k.a what-not-to-dos from a recruiter who has looked at a lot of CVs from Designers of all levels in the last few months):

  1. Illustration is not book design. Whilst the two are related, and there is often overlap, the two are different skill sets. For example, your experience illustrating gift cards doesn’t necessarily mean you have what it takes to do interior layouts for text books.Know what you are applying for and what your relevant skills/experience are.
  2. 和书籍设计可能不仅仅是覆盖设计。您通常需要能够做文本和视觉效果。如果在作业描述中指定,请确保您的投资组合(和CV)详细说明您拥有的任何相关的经验。
  3. 在CV / PODFOLIO /求职信的边缘上没有打印机/格式标记。这些给出的第一个印象是您无法从适合您的观众的Indesign导出文档。
  4. Don’t try and take over my screen with Full Screen mode in the PDF. It’s just rude. Most of us live with multiple windows open.
  5. 让您的网站简单 - 查看我已经说过的一切简单且可读 - (如果可能的话,请避免闪烁!)

And that is it from us. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do add them in the comments.


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How to write a great CV

How to write a great CV

作为泰特阿特伍德的管理员我的职责上sible for going through 70-90 CV’s a week and determining which Consultant to send a CV to. I am also the one who determines whether or not we can help a candidate, at first glance.

Since Atwood Tate is a specialist Publishing Recruitment Company it is imperative that there a candidate has some sort of publishing experience, or a relevant skill to be used within publishing, in order for us to consider them as an applicant.

So for my first bit of advice:

  • Addall出版experience:be it a one week work placement or a freelance marketing job! Write it down

博客ging, writing your own stories and working as a reviewer for an online magazine are not quite what we mean. But if you’ve worked with editors or a marketing department to promote your blog or reviews then add it! It makes you just that little more qualified.

That piece of advice is tailored to our company being a Publishing Recruitment specialist; the advice below is much more universal.

  • Stick to two or three pages MAX:Be as concise as possible. We do not need a page of publications or a list of quotes from your references. We need your work experience (including dates!), education, personal details and skills.
  • Use Bullet Points:从尝试将一个人从一个段落中拼凑的体验,比阅读子弹点中列出的技能更难。
  • 工作经历:This should always be written in reverse chronological order, with your most recent or current job at the top. It makes it easier for us to see what kinds of roles you are looking to move into and your current skill-set. Add bullet points underneath of your most relevant tasks – if you have done similar roles in the past pick the most interesting/important achievements in each role rather than list the same skills repetitiously.
  • Education:This should also be written in reverse chronological order. We rarely need to know you’re modules or tutors, we simply need your degrees/qualifications and grades.
  • Further Skills:A useful addition to any CV is a bullet point list or paragraph of additional skills, which may not have been listed in your employment history. For example: IT skills (whether you’re Mac or PC literate) MS Office, a language etc
  • 写在第三个人:ellie发现第三人的CVS更专业
  • Typos:This is a cardinal sin on all CVs, but particularly on CVs that are about to enter the publishing world. Publishing is all about the written word, whether you’re applying for IT roles or Marketing. Youcannot在你的简历中有错别。
  • Update it regularly!A CV should be updated every time it is sent out, even if you have been in the same job for ten years. Update your skills, personal details, preferences etc. Edit it for the role(s) you’re applying for.

要注册阿特伍德泰特特,请点击这里. For more advice regarding CV’s please see ourCV布局建议。

If you have any questions about whether or not to send us your CV or how best to layout a CV, get in contact with us on any of our social media sites:Twitter,Facebook,Instagram或者linkedin!

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When saving your CV and cover letter, don’t just call them “cv.doc” and “cover letter.doc”.

We receive lots and lots of CVs and cover letters (as you can imagine), and it can be hard to keep track. Make it easier on us (and you), by putting your name in the file name. For example, I would call it “Claire Louise Kemp CV.doc”

Any other handy tips? Why not share them in the comments below or on Twitter (@atwoodtate).

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