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热门座位的顾问:Faye Jones

Which three books changed your life?

  1. 1984 by George Orwell– I read this book for my English Literature A Level and then went to see a theatre production of it and it blew my mind. Everyone in my family has read it and we will often say that situations in the news can be “very 1984”. This is the first book that changed the way I looked at surveillance and made me think about how we’re always being watched by someone!
  2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald- 我在度假读了伟大的盖茨比,并在几个小时内完成了它,因为我被迷上了。然后我在1984年阅读之前继续在Alevel上学习它,并且让我想在我离开学校后想学习英语。我真的很喜欢Baz Luhrmann电影适应,因为这本书非常真实,但如果我不得不在两者之间做出选择,我肯定会选择这部电影。
  3. 狗在夜间的好奇事件由Mark Haddon- 当我第一次听到它时,我不认为我会喜欢这本书,但它是另一个假期读,我无法放下。我喜欢主角思想的叙述和故事很棒。我真的想去看看这本书的剧院改编,所以希望我可以预订门票很快看看!

Who would you invite to your fantasy literary dinner?

  1. Roald Dahl – would love to pick his brain about what his books are inspired by and how his upbringing in Cardiff effected his writing.
  2. W H Auden - 我绝对喜欢奥登的诗歌,特别是小姐,我只会坐下来聆听他一整天读他的诗歌。
  3. Jacqueline Wilson – I grew up reading all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books and would love to meet her in person.

What has been the highlight/s of the past year?

I graduated from university in July 2017 and while I was studying I went to weekly Lindyhop classes and became quite involved in the Swing Dance Society. It was sad leaving Reading after I graduated but luckily for me I got to move back 9 months later and started going back to Lindyhop classes straight away. I loved seeing my dance friends again and seeing how the beginners have improved while I was away.

If you could write ‘THE book’ on something, the definitive how-to guide on any subject, which topic would you choose.

If I had to write a book on anything it would be how to handle yourself in social dancing situations within partnered dances (if you can’t tell I really like social dancing). I think many beginners are worried about doing something wrong or stepping on another person’s feet but it is all about confidence! I would love to write a book that guided you through how to build up your confidence and eventually, ask a stranger to dance with you at an event.

True fact:当我4岁的时候,我的母亲让我去芭蕾舞课程,因为我用来一整天都在叫我“Tippy Toes”,每个人都担心我真的会伤害我的脚。

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