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Topics covered by the speakers included:
- 社交媒体和内容营销
- 基于帐户的营销(ABM)
- 领先生成方法
– Email marketing
- 营销自动化


There were also two round table sessions and the first one I joined was a discussion of how marketing and sales teams can work closer to drive revenue growth. As a recruiter who sources candidates for both these types of roles, it was really interesting to hear how companies bring about interaction between sales and marketing staff as well as what approaches work and what don’t!

The second round table was about B2B email marketing best practices. Once again it was great to find out what success B2B publishers and media companies have with this and ways we can all improve our marketing emails. Brexit was of course a point of discussion and a lot of delegates had concerns about how the new EU Data Reforms coming into force in 2018 will affect their usable data.


The day finished up with a panel discussion about the challenges facing B2B marketers and how they can be overcome. It seems both large and small companies have similar problems to resolve and a lot of the suggestions for overcoming these and improving marketing strategy can be implemented on a small scale and at a low cost.

Thanks帕特里克angell.andNaomi Hoad组织一天!

Learn more about the IIN and their events here:www.iineurope.net/

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