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Open Access

I recently went to an evening hosted byOPuS, entitled “Open Access – Three Shades of Gold” and I wanted to share a little bit with you.

在我进一步进一步之前,我要说这是一个令人兴趣的话题,比我的更聪明的主题已经说了很多考虑的东西,而且在这里有太多的东西 - 但如果你正在寻找更深入的信息,请参阅此帖子底部的链接以启动您关闭。

Open Access, or “OA”, is ahuge主题不仅影响学术界,而且每个人都在一定程度上出版。OA是通过互联网提供不受限制的访问的做法,以对同行评审的学术期刊文章。OA也越来越多地提供给论文,学术专着和书籍章节。莱特巴雷特已经谈过了a little bit about it here。Ernesto Priego of theComics Grid journal还谈到了在采访中开放访问的挑战这里

Arecent surveyby Wiley Open Access of their authors showed that over 80% felt that OA was more prevalent in their field than three years ago.1;该芬奇报告是今年夏天发布的,说开放访问是学术出版的未来。2。;and the UK government announced in July that it plans to到2014年使所有研究开放式访问3

Simply put, OA publishing, turning as it does the traditional journal subscription-based publishing model on its head, has got a LOT of people talking and trying to work out what comes next.

As an academic whose thesis was all about the democratization of content, review, and it’s accessibility to readers, OA has the potential to make me happy. As someone who’s worked in publishing and who understands that what we do is a business and that某人必须支付才能获得一份期刊,OA让我紧张。所以你可以想象我着迷于听到一些关键行业球员的经历。

Deborah Kahn (@deborahatbmc),BioMed Central(最大的OA Publisher)发布总监(最大的OA Publisher)非常良好地概述了OA出版状态,主要是它与科学和医学期刊相关。她引用了最近研究了OA的状态 - 而且因为它是开放的访问,我可以share it与你。4

David Ross, Publisher at智者, then gave an overview from the humanities angle. The differences in funding structures between the disciplines really do make for some challenges and it was clear that what works for STM might not be what is best for the humanities.

Finally, Brian Hole, CEO of Ubiquity Press (@ ubiquitypress)让我们一瞥可能的未来,并强调人文期刊以及如何制定它们以适应学术社区的需求。

Open Access clearly has the potential to affect us all. The snowball has started rolling and Academic and STM publishers are trying out various different approaches to make it work. But looking to the future, and across into trade publishing and the “e-book revolution”, I can see parallels. Simply put, how DO you monetize content in a world that sees digital as “free” or at least “cheaper”? How do you value intellectual property as opposed to a physical object? I can’t even pretend to have ANY of the answers, but I will tell you it is a truly AWESOME time to be involved in publishing and I cannot wait to see what is around the corner.

Footnotes and links:
该Guardian has done a good round-up of the open access debate:http://www.guardian.co.uk/higher-education-network/blog/2012/aug/10/uk-open-access-research-debate-red-up.

1Slideshow of results of Wiley Author Survey on Open Access 2012:http://www.slideshare.net/WileyScienceNewsroom/wiley-14895586(found via@publish_advice)

2Guardian article on the Finch Report:http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/jun/19/open-access-academic-publishing-finch-report。可以找到完整的报告这里

3Department for Business Innovation and Skills:Government to open up publicly funded research新闻稿。

4Anatomy of open access publishing: a study of longitudinal development and internal structure. Mikael Laakso* and Bo-Christer Björk.BMC Medicine 2012.10:124 doi:10.1186/1741-7015-10-124http://www.biomedcentral.com/1741-7015/10/124


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