Summer Reads!

A seemingly perfect crime, what can go wrong? A couple honeymooning in paradise find something in the water. Deciding to keep it a secret, they think they are the only ones who know about the discovery. They soon find out that their actions have deadly consequences and someone else knows their secret. A good thriller and the perfect summer book that hooks you in right from the very first page.


`One of the year’s most unmissable debuts’. Queenie’s life seems to be spiralling out of control, a family that don’t understand her, a boss that doesn’t seem to notice her and a man she can’t get over. Queenie is a character you will be rooting for from the first page.

A story of love and war. The Biafran War is told from the perspective of three characters whose lives are interwoven in ways they would not have imagined. This novel is great if you love to immerse yourself in historical fiction with compelling and intelligent characters.

Non-fiction that stirs the desire to make change. Mainly aimed at black women but plenty to take away for everyone. A read that will make you challenge your assumptions and think about `space’ in different contexts and ways.

可能不是典型的放松假期阅读布鲁里溃疡t worth it! Set post world war ll, a woman with financial inheritance attempts to build economic prosperity in a small community in Australia where her romantic interest lives.




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Love to Read – Valentine’s

Welcome back to The Atwood Tate Book Club where we share what is on our consultant’s bookshelves. This post is dedicated to our feel good, favourite and romance books for Valentine’s day!

Kathryn Flicker, Administrator & Social Media Coordinator


Kathryn would also recommend `Sweet Tooth’ by Ian McEwan. The protagonist Serena Frome is recruited by MI5 to be part of an operation that funds writers whose writing and politics meet the requirements of the government. Serena falls in love with the young writer she is employed to manipulate, leading them both down a road of betrayal.

Helen Speedy,副主任

海伦loves reading Georgette Heyer’s novels which are set in the regency period and these all have an element of romance as well as intrigue. Two of Helen’s favourites are `Sprig Muslin’ and `The Corinthian’. In Sprig Muslin, Sir Gareth Ludlow is set to marry Lady Hester Thealer a woman he respects. However, on route to propose to her he sees Amanda Smith, a pretty lady who proves to have a dangerous imagination.

在科林斯爵士Richard Wyndham中,考虑到他未来的无爱婚姻符合一个年轻而美丽的逃犯,在那里他在她的旅行中提供自己的保护者。这条路将他们引导到谋杀调查中,然后爱。

Catherine Roney, Senior Publishing Recruitment Consultant

凯瑟琳推荐你在Trionogy之前的一部分给我的Jojo Moyes读了“仍然是我”,这本书在你离开后拾起了哪里。现在居住在纽约市,Louisa Clark现在已经为全新的篇章做好了准备。试图管理新的冒险,以及她的新的长途关系,路易莎决心使一切都有工作。与纽约高社会混合,然后谈到有人提醒她过去的人,她发现自己在两个世界之间撕裂。有趣,温暖和浪漫,如果你喜欢另外两本书,那么这是一个必须阅读!

Anna Slevin, Administrator

Anna enjoys reading Arthurian tales and would recommend `Erec and Enide’ translated into English where the couple are married very early on and have to learn to make it work, is almost a love story told backwards.


Novia Kingshott, Senior Publishing Recruitment Consultant

刺的鸟是一种浪漫的小说,详细说明了清除家族的生活。与其他人不同,在没有其他的土地上,当堕落时,自然是善良和穷人的贫富,并以梦幻般的人物为中心。Meggie是唯一的女儿和距离让她摆脱她真正的爱情Ralph de Bricassart,虽然它不会驱使他们对彼此的爱。

Are you searching for the perfect read for a loved one this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to make them feel special with a perfectly picked out story for them to cosy up with? Along with our recommended reads above, we suggest you take a look at Waterstone’s Valentine’s Day, Books to Love.


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The Art of Reading

The Atwood Tate 2019 Reading List, find out what is on our consultant’s bookshelves this year!

Helen Speedy,副主任

H海伦喜欢历史书籍,并获得了`Queens of Conquest’as a Christmas present as she really enjoys Alison Weir! Helen appreciate’s Weir’s writing upon historical figures, to which there is limited information and these queens from the early Middle Ages sit within that category.

海伦will also be reading `Tombland’by CJ Sansom, as she loved the earlier Shaedlake books.“tombland”is set in Norfolk, where Helen is from, spurring her on to read it even more!

Kathryn Flicker, Administrator & Social Media Coordinator

凯瑟琳将读书`Call me by your name’as she hasn’t yet watched the film and wants to get lost in the romance and setting of Italy through the written word.

Richard Yates, is again on Kathryn’s bookshelf with `Revolutionary Road’.

Having read `The Easter Parade’and finding it mostly sad, but recommending to everyone she knows, Kathryn is ready for more Yates!

Faye Jones, Publishing Recruitment Consultant

Faye is obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock films and“窗口里的女人'is loosely inspired by Rear Window. Having heard such good things, Faye decided to add to her list!

福伊也将读书Catcher in the Rye’, a classic she hasn’t got round to yet. `This is going to hurt’by Adam Kay has been on Faye’s read pile for a while and 2019 is the year!

Anna Slevin, Temps & Freelancers Administrator

安娜计划阅读`Lies Sleeping’由Ben Aaronovitch和`聪明人的恐惧'by Patrick Rothfuss. Both fiction, both falling into the fantasy camp, they are fun and compelling and make reading fun for Anna!

“美食我”by M.F.K. Fisher is also on Anna’s bookshelf. Food essays are wonderful to read and delight the senses!

Parissa Bagheri, Trainee Publishing Recruitment Consultant

Parissa is currently reading`The World’s Wife’, after enjoying The Feminine Gospels and its extravagant metaphors, Parissa is reading a Duffy poem a day!

`Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’,humorous and heavy hearted, Parissa is expecting to ride a roller coaster of emotions with this one!

Catherine Roney, Publishing Recruitment Consultant

Catherine is a huge fan of Liane Moriarty and can’t wait to get stuck into her latest book! Nine strangers in need of a break, a beautiful health and wellness retreat, what can go wrong?

If you enjoy warm, funny and family centred novels, indulge in some Liane Moriarty this year!

Karine Nicpon, Lead Consultant

Karine is planning to read`chéri'by Colette. Colette is a very famous French writer who Karine has never read, making 2019 the year!

The novel is written in French and English translations are available. A tale of unobtainable love, if you love romance, this is one for you!

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It is official, Summer is here. Although the weather might not be playing ball (the erratic weekends of gorgeous sunshine and cold, wet Monday mornings are all still too fresh in my mind), my calendar tells me it’s officially Summer. Cue barbecues in the rain, soggy picnics, Pimms, and the aftermath of that spring clean you tried to do but ended up making more of a mess (although, if you’re like us here at Atwood Tate, the bookshelf always gets a seasonal tidy!) Our bookshelf at Atwood Tate had a Christmas makeover (#shelfiehere) and now, a couple of months later, we’ve got a some beautiful cookery books that have been added to it! Just looking at the bright pictures makes me want to shake off the cobwebs, and re-think my summer reading list. I asked the team at Atwood Tate to let us into what they’ll be reading as the days get longer…

我刚刚拿起一份副本Doubleby Lionel Shriver. I’m not expecting it to necessarily be a happy, sunny read bearing in mind some of her previous books, but as it’s about the world of professional tennis it might be a sort of summery read?! I’m hopeful it might encourage me to at least dust off my racquet and get outside once the sun comes out.

Claire Louise
It’s usually at this time of year I dust off my Tamora Pierce (hands up who’s excited for the new Numair title coming out in Autumn?! #excitedCLK) so the next few weeks are going to see me getting reacquainted with Alanna, George, and other old friends. Plus my book club readLife After Life.

After a winter reading dark, depressing thrillers and back to back completion ofThe Hunger Games, I’ve reached for something lighter for the spring/summer months. In the UK rain clouds are never far off however, so my choice does retain a dark edge to its humour. I loved爬出窗外的百岁男子并消失了by Jonas Jonasson, so I’m starting his newest novel拯救瑞典国王的女孩and, so far, I’m not disappointed.

冬季似乎是我家里的斯堪的罪 - 重新安排了所有的丹麦语TheKilling, both versions of龙纹身的女孩and a spring read of爬出窗外的百岁男子并消失了.Now, I’m looking for something a bit longer, and warmer to keep me occupied through the long dark hours of train journeys associated with stay-cationing in the UK. This summer, I’m revisiting Gregory David Roberts’Shantaram,一个令人满意的乔历,提出了来自同事的承认点头。它会提醒我温暖的日子,希望明年假期给我一些想法!

So, what’s everyone else reading this summer?

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