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Publishing events (which can sometimes be hard to find) are also advertised on social media. Recruitment agencies such as ourselves, along with companies such as SYP and The Bookseller share all publishing events. You can find an events calendar on our website here://www.bgdallas.com/events/

To develop a career in publishing it is also important to showcase yourself online. For example, you want to break into editorial; do you run a blog or a podcast? Do you write book reviews? This kind of activity will support your applications.




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Have you ever wondered what a team of publishing recruitment specialists like to read in their down time? Curious about our favourite books growing up? Welcome to the Atwood Tate Book Club, where we reveal what books have a special place on our shelves! For this entry, we peek under the bed and around darkened corners with our favourite Halloween appropriate reads.

Anna Slevin,Temps&Freelancers管理员

绅士和球员由Joanne Harris。

心理惊悚片,真的加剧了一所男孩学校的紧张气氛,由一位前老师(以下简称Chocolatfame) with two narrators and two time periods as a former tragedy comes back to haunt the school… Honestly one of the most disconcerting reads as hindsight and ignorance confuse the reader as the disturbing mystery plays out.

噩梦经过Malorie Blackman

Short stories that show schoolchild nightmares that ultimately reach a conclusion as the reality of a train crash hits home. Memorable a decade later! Dreamscapes are the perfect landscape for awful situations with terrible images that stay with you…

Charlotte Tope, Publishing Recruitment Consultant

The Virago Book of Ghost Stories volume ll

It’s not in print anymore so you’ll have to do a bit of searching to get a second hand copy, but a collection of haunting tales all written by women. I recommend黑色狗佩内洛普活泼。你得在这一行之间读!!





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热门座位的管理员:Anna Slevin

If you could write ‘THE book’ on something, the definitive how-to guide on any subject, which topic would you choose?


What three books changed your life?

Tamora Pierce首次测试

Where a girl didn’t have to pretend to be a boy to do what she wanted! (Tamora Pierce started in the eighties and is having a revival at the moment) It didn’t so much change my life as shape it from the start because my mum read it to me when I was about six I think.

Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell


Banana Yoshimoto的厨房



Walking between worlds. It’s something of a theme in Diana Wynne Jones from her nine-lived enchanters with the title Chrestomanci to Howl of the Moving Castle fame (the film is very different! In the book he’s actually Howell Jenkins from Wales in our world) and inHomeward Bounders在梅林阴谋中,有许多地球的混乱…

The way it can mean so many different things even to one author strikes me as something special. It normally makes the character appreciate the world they come from or find one they prefer! I like the idea of seeing how different societies function and being able to choose for myself, much like a good book…

Bonus Question

Who would you invite (and why) to your fantasy literary dinner party?

There’s a saying: “never meet your heroes” and a lot of the best characters can be very obnoxious… I’m actually readingThe Immortal Dinner目前在外观上的凯西和Wordsworth,但Wordsworth听起来像是一个非常困难的客人!



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Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week, Olivia returns, focusing on Marketing and Publicity roles.





营销人员有许多不同的渠道和techniques at their disposal and roles will vary depending on the nature of the product or service and target audience. For example, if you are marketing books to teachers you are likely to produce a lot of visually appealing marketing collateral and do a lot of direct mail campaigns. On the other hand, if you are marketing a medical journal to doctors you will likely target them with intellectually stimulating email campaigns.

Do you need a marketing qualification to work in marketing?

绝对不。这是雇主可能会发现所需的东西,但很多人在入场级别的角色开始并从那里积聚。Some people choose a qualification once they’ve built up some experience and decided on an area to specialise in. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) both provide qualifications which can be studied for alongside a full-time job. Your employer may even cover the cost of the course.



As there are so many marketing roles there are lots of opportunities for career progression and chances to move into management positions or very specialised roles.

publicist author interview




Is PR all about parties and schmoozing with authors?


Do you need a big network of media contacts?



营销and publicity roles are closely linked and require similar skill sets. Anyone who wants to succeed in one of these roles needs superb communication and relationship building skills. They are busy jobs so excellent organisation skills are also essential. Creativity is also important. Some publishers work with small budgets, so you have to be innovative and resourceful to come up with new and inventive ideas. Keeping up to date with trends in the market is also key.

Marketers in particular often need to have strong copywriting skills and a good eye for detail. Photoshop and InDesign experience is a plus, especially if working in a collateral heavy role. Software skills are important as there are marketing programs you will be expected to use, such as CRM, email, social media, marketing automation software and analytics tools. There are a wealth of programs which do different things so it’s good if you can pick them up quickly. Video and audio content creation skills are increasingly desired in publishing, especially when working with online products.

如果您正在寻找营销或宣传工作get in touch with Olivia atOlivia@atwoodtate.co.uk


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在前一篇文章中,我们described different career paths available to B2B reporters. 本文探讨了子编辑/拷贝编辑在编辑过程中所起的重要作用!

Sub-editors / Copy-editors

为报纸杂志工作的副编辑通常被称为复制编辑器(or subs). Their role is to process the copy that will appear in their publication. They must ensure that it is accurate, free of mistakes, makes sense and reads well.



  • 纠正拼写或语法/印刷错误
  • writing headlines, abstracts and captions
  • 检查文章的准确性和发现潜在的法律问题
  • 切割或编辑副本以适合页面
  • liaising with reporters and editors
  • 铺设页面


Many sub-editors trained as journalists before moving on to this position. Unfortunately a lot of publishers outsourced their sub-editing/production function in the last decade and journalists and editors often have to fill in for sub-editors as they don’t have the in-house staff required. And the line is sometimes very thin between these positions.






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热门座位的管理员:Cheryl O'Garro

  • Who would you invite (and why) to your fantasy literary dinner party?


  • 如果您可以写现在存在的任何书籍,那将是什么?

你有多长时间?!在我脑顶的顶部,我不得不说哈利波特(因为明显的原因)或北极光(他的黑暗材料三部曲中的第一个。)那些对我来说都真的把你吸引到了他们的世界并让你的想象力really flow in a way that isn’t often possible outside of fantasy novels. I first read them when I was 7 and 10 respectively, and I would count both among my favourite books.

  • 过去一年中的亮点是什么?

The examiner telling me that my Masters’ thesis on the psycho-social benefits of hyper-engagement (a term I coined describing the adoption of arts consumption as a personality trait) had a strong and original voice and warranted elaboration. Who am I to decline that kind of professional and academic validation?! That is closely followed by my graduation ceremony in January.

  • 如果您有机会从任何书籍/漫画人物中拥有一个超级大国,您会有什么?

现在它必须是快速掌握 - 以巨大速度移动的能力将是如此有用,对旅行和完成任务是如此。我仍然有24小时的时间,但可以适合这么多!


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Byte the Book | Buzz Words: How Can You Build a Community Around Your Content

Last night I attendedByte the Book在营销和建立周围的社区的活动,由书套赞助。作为阿特伍德泰特的社交媒体协调员,我发现行业领导者的谈话和影响者真的很有趣。



Chapel Sans Crucifix

At any other panel talk, the audience being glued to their phones throughout would be considered rude. At a digital marketing discussion, it’s encouraged, with live updates from the #BytetheBook hashtag projected on to the screen behind the speakers.


Lysanne Currie, a journalist and digital strategist, chaired the discussion. She began by asking Laura Lindsay, Director of Global Communications at Lonely Planet, about the community of travellers Lonely Planet has built online and offline. Lindsay recounts how Lonely Planet started its online community in the 1990s by sharing letters from their readers. They were one of the first brands on Twitter, and built their following by sharing content from their community of travellers, not just sharing marketing materials. Building an online community, she says, is no different to building a ‘real world’ community.


Leena Normyton,Youtuber和老式书籍的社交媒体制作人建议观众选择为您选择哪些平台,而不是担心使用每个平台。她注意到与不同媒体接合的不同人口统计数据 - 例如播客往往比YouTube视频略高于较大的男性观众。她还强调将您的在线观众视为真实的人,不仅是观众或用户。

The panellists agree that the key to a great social media presence is to be consistent and to be genuine. Have a schedule for uploading content and show who you are as a person, rather than just marketing your book. Try new things and experiment, see what works for you and it’s okay to stop if it’s not working.


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Best Book and Publishing-Related Podcasts

当我没有在上班途中听一个有声读物时,我喜欢听播客 - 特别是关于书籍和出版的播客!音频扇区正在增长,无论是通过声音,科波还是谷歌游戏等的AudioBook服务,或通过播客的兴起,都没有秘密。以下是我最喜欢的一本书和与发布相关的侦听:


来自亚历克斯阅读,rai和derek Owusu的每周书籍和流行文化播客。针对千禧一代的观众,这是一个有趣和无障碍的播客,促进阅读作为每个人享受的东西。它再次阅读凉爽,讨论旁边的电影和电视。

You can find them on Twitter@MostlyLit


本出版业界博士巡航来自Jenn Baker采访了出版专业人员以及与行业相关的作者以及其他关于在书籍出版中的多样性(或缺乏)的其他人。


3) BBC Radio 4 Books and Authors

BBC Radio 4举办了许多高质量的书籍播客,包括与高调的访谈作者和公众人物。它倾向于关注更多的文学小说。HarriettGilbert主持一个很好的阅读,在那里她讨论了人们最喜欢的书籍。最近的剧集是Ruby Tandoh,Nicola Sturgeon和Stephen Fry。另请参阅收音机4的其他播客 - 书夹和短篇小说,特别值得倾听。


4) Guardian Books


Find all episodes here:https://www.theguardian.com/books/series/books.

5)时间文学补充 - 自由,书籍,鲜花和月亮

This weekly podcast from the TLS takes its name from the Oscar Wilde quotation, ‘With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?’ Stig Abell, Thea Lenarduzzi and Lucy Dallas are joined by special guests and discuss articles from the week’s edition of the magazine, covering literature and related topics, including politics, culture, language and history.

All episodes are on their website and can be found here:https://www.the-tls.co.uk/podcast-freedom-books-flowers-moon/

6) 图书暴动



Let us know in the comments or on social media what you’ve been listening to recently!


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问答Round Up

上周是出版商协会的#workinpublishing周!我们做了一个问答Twitter- 如果你错过了,你可以在这里赶上。


办公/管理经验是有用的在薄熙来ard, as are work experience, internships or temp roles in publishing houses! A well written, clear and concise cover letter will also get you a long way.



问:When considering a job offer, it’s not just about salary. What else should candidates be thinking about?

- 答:考虑对您的重要性 - 通勤时间,灵活的工作机会,培训/专业发展和公司福利!






A: Make your cover letter stand out by talking about your work experience, any temp roles, admin experience, and extracurricular interests which give you transferable skills!


A: Entry-level roles are VERY competitive so get filled quickly, but a great way to get your foot in the door is through temping! Register with us for temping opportunities and we may be able to help.

问:What are the most in demand roles in publishing?

A: Most people want to work in editorial, but publishers are always looking for Commissioning Editors and Production Controllers!




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The aim of the charity is to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain confidence in reading. Beanstalk provides 1-1 reading support to children in primary schools and early years, Reading Matters covers secondary schools so this is a great combination.

In 2016-17 Reading Matters helped 6,497 children and young people while Beanstalk worked with 11,000 children over the same period.


  • 豆茎是一个全国性的慈善机构,它为那些努力阅读的孩子提供一对一的识字支持。
  • 慈善机构招募,列车并支持志愿者在小学提供一对一的扫盲支持。
  • In the last school year the charity helped over 11,000 children across England, in over 1,400 schools, with the help of over 3,000 reading helpers, ensuring children have the skills and confidence to reach their true potential.
  • 到2020-21 Beanstalk旨在帮助每年30,000名儿童,8,000名志愿者。

About Reading Matters

  • Reading Matters is a registered charity and not-for-profit social enterprise which began in 1997. Since then, the charity has supported tens of thousands of young people.
  • In 2016/17, Reading Matters supported 6,497 children and young people and on average increased reading ages by 13 months in just 10 weeks.
  • The charity runs a range of programmes: Reading Mentors, Reading Leaders, Reading Families and Reading Teams. They provide schools with a resource box of reading materials that will engage and encourage reluctant readers.
  • 阅读重要的社会使命是通过成为自信和热情的读者来帮助孩子,年轻人和成年人达到潜力。



and check out the Bookseller article:https://www.thebookseller.com/news/beanstalk-and-reading-matters-merge-664681


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