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SYP ALUMNI EVENT:当您不是公司的决策者时,您如何对贵公司进行差异?

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In September, SYP London kindly hosted ‘Kick-Start Your Career: How to Succeed with your Job Search this Autumn’ for aspiring and entry level publishing candidates hoping to gain some career and work experience from established members of the industry. Speakers included our very ownAssociate Director Helen Speedy,他们都带来了自己的经验和见解如何建立一个成功的职业生涯出版。

Did you miss the event? Perhaps you would like a recap! Helen Speedy shares her publishing career advice and experiences.

Explain your role and how you got there (approx. 5 mins each).

我是Atwood Tate的副总监,这是一家位于伦敦市中心和牛津的专业出版招聘公司。我的工作是日常管理由7名顾问和1名管理人员组成的常设团队,确保每个人都达到了目标,与客户和候选人都保持着良好的关系,并普遍感到高兴。我也是全国各地高级出版职位的联系人,因此一天可以通过管道和业务发展与我的团队进行交谈,或者从客户那里听取简报,为招聘过程寻找合适的候选人。

I got my first job through talking to one of the speakers at the Oxford Brookes Careers Day towards the end of my MA, who gave me the contact details of someone looking for an Office Junior.



  • 文学硕士(加上工作经验和人际网络)
  • Work experience placements that could lead to your first job
  • Through an agency – temping can lead to perm or to getting that work experience you needed but being paid properly along the way (also perm)
  • 网络事件是建立联系人的好方法,并在您申请之前发出良好的印象!
  • Proactive volunteering/personal work are also worth considering to boost your CV and stand out from the crowd. It is a lot easier to prove your interest in children’s illustrated fiction if your social media, blogging or volunteering backs you up!



What do you regret doing in your career?

I don’t have any regrets really. That may sound a bit complacent, but I have the philosophy that you make the right decision at the time and there is no point looking back. There are various points in my career when I could have taken a different path and I have turned down jobs and also taken roles that didn’t quite turn out to be what I thought. I remind myself that I made those decisions and they felt like the right choice at the time. As long as you feel in control and you are happy with your decision at that time, you should not have any regrets. The only lasting regret I have is not calling out a bully, but I was young and in the junior position, so I forgive myself and it has given me the strength to help others confront difficult situations and not be scared to do so myself.


What’s the best career advice you’ve heard?

  • In terms of CV advice, make sure it shows the difference you made and the impact you’ve had, not just a list of your duties
  • If you’ve got lots of voluntary experience, internships and temp roles, try categorising rather than listing chronologically – tell a story and make sure the facts support the narrative.

How do you know if you should go for a role or not?

  • Can you tick 70-80% of the boxes (usually nobody has it all!)
  • 它的位置对你来说合适吗?
  • Does picturing yourself in the role make you feel excited?
  • 你认为它会给你学习的机会吗?
  • 你对公司文化了解多少?这对你有什么好处?
  • If you’re not sure, try to have a conversation (with recruiter or name on advert)

Is it off-putting for employers if you apply for lots of different positions at the same company?

It depends on the size of company. It can be off-putting if it looks you are applying for anything and there is no real effort on any of the applications. HR will begin to wonder how can you be truly that interested in so many different roles with different skillsets! If there are different roles that catch your eye, find out if they will refer you if their role isn’t suitable. In a small company,you may get referred internally (I did for my first job and ended up with a better job than the one I applied for!)

Want to hear more about the SYP?

The Society of Young Publishers是在其职业生涯的前十年中有抱负出版商和当前候选人的会员机构。在伦敦,牛津,西南,北,爱尔兰和苏格兰的分支机构;SYP是出版业中最大的会员组织。有关更多详细信息并注册,请转至https://thesyp.org.uk/membership-signup

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欢迎来到阿特伍德泰特industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week, Olivia returns, focusing on Marketing and Publicity roles.

marketing strategy image


What do Marketers in publishing do?

Marketers are responsible for promoting a publisher’s products or services to their target audience, whether that be to individual consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B). Marketing can broadly be split into traditional (e.g. print advertisements, newsletters, flyers, brochures) and digital (e.g. social media, email, websites, paid search, SEO). The majority of marketing roles in publishing combine the two or are digital focused, so it’s advisable to keep your digital skills up to date.

Marketers have many different channels and techniques at their disposal and roles will vary depending on the nature of the product or service and target audience. For example, if you are marketing books to teachers you are likely to produce a lot of visually appealing marketing collateral and do a lot of direct mail campaigns. On the other hand, if you are marketing a medical journal to doctors you will likely target them with intellectually stimulating email campaigns.

Do you need a marketing qualification to work in marketing?

绝对不。这是雇主可能会发现所需的东西,但很多人在入场级别的角色开始并从那里积聚。Some people choose a qualification once they’ve built up some experience and decided on an area to specialise in. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) both provide qualifications which can be studied for alongside a full-time job. Your employer may even cover the cost of the course.

Where can a marketing job take me?

Marketing is great in that the skills and knowledge you develop are very transferable and will be useful for so many employers and different industries. There are a wealth of marketing roles in publishing. Some people choose to stay in one area of publishing for most of their career while others move around different sectors, which is possible to do, especially if you have particular skills or a specialism which is in high demand.

As there are so many marketing roles there are lots of opportunities for career progression and chances to move into management positions or very specialised roles.

publicist author interview


What do Publicists in publishing do?

Publicists are responsible for managing relationships with authors and dealing with their agents. Their job is to secure press coverage for books in the print, broadcast and online media so they are expected to build strong press relationships. They are also responsible for organising and attending events with authors, such as book launches and signings, interviews, author tours and appearances at literary festivals. Publicists need to stay informed about new trends and developments in their area of publishing and they often attend editorial meetings and contribute to pitches for new acquisitions.


Yes, you might get the chance to work with high-profile and celebrity authors. You may also work with new and debut authors, which can be just as exciting and rewarding. Regardless of author list, there’s a lot of hard work and relationship building which goes into making any campaign successful.

Do you need a big network of media contacts?

Initially no. In junior roles you will be assisting PR Managers with their campaigns and general admin. As time goes on, you will start to build up a network of contacts. If you are working on particular titles, this may become quite specialised. For example, if you’re working with cookery authors, you will build up contacts with cookery magazines and food bloggers.

What skills do you need to succeed in marketing and publicity?

市场营销和宣传角色密切相关nd require similar skill sets. Anyone who wants to succeed in one of these roles needs superb communication and relationship building skills. They are busy jobs so excellent organisation skills are also essential. Creativity is also important. Some publishers work with small budgets, so you have to be innovative and resourceful to come up with new and inventive ideas. Keeping up to date with trends in the market is also key.


如果您正在寻找营销或宣传工作get in touch with Olivia atOlivia@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk

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欢迎来到阿特伍德泰特industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week’s entry is with克莱尔陈,谁对伦敦,家庭县和东阿尔利亚的科学,技术,医疗,分销,运营和生产作战和生产作战界着。在本条目中,克莱尔将讨论如何进入出版部门的生产,分销和运营。




There is a wide range of production roles in publishing, most commonly Production Assistant, Production Controller, Production Editor and Production Manager. Production itself can be varied– covering printed and digital books, printed and digital journals and more. The skill set of a Production Manager in trade books versus a professional publisher can be very different, so it is all down to the content of what is being published to determine what kind of production knowledge you should have or what duties you will be doing in the role. So a role in children’s books will probably be highly illustrated and need someone with a good eye for detail and 4 colour experience.

What will be the academic requirement?

There isn’t a specific requirement to get into production roles. You will need to demonstrate substantial project and supplier management as well as excellent communication skills because the majority of the suppliers will be offshore. You will also need to have good software skills, i.e. Excel spreadsheets, InDesign and Adobe CS, Biblio3 (especially for trade book publishers) or XML publishing (for digital publishing).


Your previous experience plays a significant role when it comes to applying for production jobs. Production roles are not as fluid as one would think when it comes to switching roles. For instance, if you wanted to become a Production Controller in a children’s book publisher, you should have novelty book production experience and also knowledge of European toy safety legislation. And if you are to work for a journals publisher, you will be working as a Production Editor and dealing with external typesetters to get the journals published which often also requires copy-editing skills. More details about Production Editor will be discussed in my next blog when I explore STM editorial roles – keep your eyes open for that!


There is a good progression and a clear career strucutre and you will also become a production specialist as you build up solid knowledge from previous experience. One thing to bear in mind is that production technology is ever changing so keeping up with new software and technology is essential. The book industry is a great example: decades ago, it was all about off-set printing, but now we have digital printing as well as e-book and audiobook production.

What key skills do you need?

A good learning attitude is a must. Good communication skills, project management, time management, account management as you will manage different suppliers (most often overseas) and there could be pressing deadlines from time to time so being organised is important too. Numerical skills are also important as you’ll could be working with Excel, calculating and negotiating costs for reprints and shipping etc.

Distribution and Operations


What roles are there in the Distribution and Operations in publishing?


What skills or knowledge will the clients be looking for?

Analytical skills and excellent software knowledge. You will be using Excel spreadsheets a lot, including Excel formulas. Depending on the publishers, you might also need to have certain software knowledge. Communication and organisation skills are also essential as you will be coordinating with in-house colleagues from Design, Editorial, Rights, Sales & Marketing as well as external suppliers.

Is there good progression?


If you have any questions about Production, Distribution or Operations roles, feel free to get in touch with Clare atclarechan@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk!!

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Are you a journalist or a section editor who wants to climb up the career ladder? In a以前的帖子,阿特伍德·泰特向您推出了部分编辑世界。今天我们将专注于数字/在线/网络编辑!

Digital / Online / Web Editor

Web editor positions (also known as Digital or Online editors) developed as online publishing was spreading across publishing. It is now a rare thing for a publication to have a print version only but not so peculiar to have digital only titles! Web editors are responsible for creating content tailored for online publication. This includes a wide range of material from text to videos and podcasts. Web editors create and develop editorial guidelines to attract and increase online audience.

Web editors’ responsibilities include:

  • 为出版物的网站,应用程序等产生吸引人的内容
  • liaising with in-house team members and clients to adapt digital content
  • ensuring that search engine optimisation (SEO) is effective
  • 监督在线出版物的布局(文本,图像,视频......)
  • developing and monitoring online communities
  • monitoring online messages boards and social media

Web editors act as the main point of contact with technical staff. They need to collaborate with several professionals (web developers, writers, photographers, web designers, the marketing team…) to enhance the website’s visibility. They also monitor online traffic to measure popularity and find new ways to make content attractive.


不足为奇的是,web编辑应该有强壮的我T skills. An excellent knowledge of desktop publishing and photo imaging packages like Photoshop and InDesign is necessary to work as a web editor. They must also be familiar with SEO and content management systems. They still need to have strong editorial skills though as this is ultimately an editorial position! And employers value creative candidates who can anticipate the next trade or burning topic within their industry.

Career Background

There is no particular route to become a web editor although a strong body of experience is often required. Many web editors have worked as journalists, and have solid knowledge of online publishing. Some digital editors move into editorial team management, but once again the career paths for this role are pretty flexible. With the boom of online publishing, many companies hired web editors and new graduates are all expected to be familiar with online publishing. It seems that this function is nowadays more and more engrained in Editor roles as onlube publishing has become inevitable and it is probable that this specific function will merge totally in an Editor role.


Inspired by the different careers in B2B publishing and thinking about new opportunities? We are running a contest to receive a personalised CV surgery session with Karine, our Lead B2B Consultant, to make sure you are the best applicant you can be! Apply在这里午夜20之间th8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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What happens when you mix four publishing professionals, good burgers and a pub quiz with pictures? A good night out, apparently!

伦敦桥附近不远,米勒 - 带优秀的汉堡和一个有趣的苹果酒(包括冷冻草莓泥!)



What we thought would be a straight forward question and answer session turned into a feat of anagrams and guessing opening and closing lines! We did worryingly well on the children’s literature round, but the most team bonding happened on the ‘Say What You See’ – how many can you get from the picture below?

say what you see

Unfortunately, we had to bow out early, but we had tons of fun! Thank you to the lovely team at the SYP for organising.


年轻出版商社会(SYP) have a大事记and工作委员会for the publishing industry. We recommend becoming a member! Some of our team will be atHow to Succeed with Your Job Searchso make sure to have your questions ready!

SYP logo

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B2B Job Focus: Section Editors

Thinking of a career in B2B journalism? Atwood Tate is here to help! In a以前的帖子我们向您介绍了B2B出版的美妙世界。让我们仔细看看B2B发布的不同编辑事业路径与部分编辑!



Section editors are responsible for overseeing the content of their part of the publication. They commission articles for their sections and work independently with their team of journalists (if the publication is big enough for them to have a team). They ensure that their section is of quality, up-to-date with the industry’s latest developments, and informative.

The duties associated with this role include:

  • scheduling content for their section of the magazine/website commissioning/writing articles
  • 监督自由作家,以确保他们触及截止日期并潜在管理内部记者。
  • editing, proofreading and subbing copy

Section editors may write some content for the publication but their main duty is to supervise writers and guarantee that deadlines and quality standards are met.

Our clients expect candidates to have solid experience as senior reporters to apply for a section editor position. They are looking for reporters with good proofreading and subbing skills as well as the ability to manage a team and to plan content for the section of the magazine.

The natural progression for section editors is to move on to a deputy editor position and then an editor role. No specific qualification is required to become a section editor but a journalism degree can be a bonus as previously stated in our记者聚焦。

Next week, we will be looking at the typical job description and career path for a Digital/Online/Web Editor position!


Inspired by the different careers in B2B publishing and thinking about new opportunities? We are running a contest to receive a personalised CV surgery session with Karine, our Lead B2B Consultant, to make sure you are the best applicant you can be! Apply在这里午夜20之间th8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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Thinking of a career in B2B journalism? Atwood Tate is here to help! In a以前的帖子我们向您介绍了B2B出版的精彩世界。现在让我们从记者开始,仔细看看B2B出版不同的编辑职业道路吧!



B2B journalists investigate and report the latest news within a specific market. In this capacity, reporters may be required to travel nationally and/or internationally to cover industry events. Typical duties include:

  • Sourcing and writing news stories/features/opinion pieces about a specific market
  • Researching and interviewing key industry contacts to deliver accurate content
  • covering conferences and reporting on industry events
  • 在行业内建立强大的联系,并开发市场的专业知识

B2B publications cover a wide range of subjects: from mechanical engineering to cabinet-making, energy to nursing, there is a publication for every trade!




We hope this helps! Watch this space as we will continue the series next week, where our next post will be on section editors!

Inspired by the different careers in B2B publishing and thinking about new opportunities? We are running a contest to receive a personalised CV surgery session with Karine, our Lead B2B Consultant, to make sure you are the best applicant you can be! Apply在这里午夜20之间th8月和11.59分2nd九月确保你的机会!

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The Wider World of Publishing

The Variety of Publishing

感谢Anna Slevin为此博客帖子!

The SYP recently hosted a panel discussion entitled The Wider World of Publishing, Alison and Anna went to find out what it was about.

An all-female panel discussed pay transparency, diversity (or perhaps more accurately inclusivity within the industry) and Brexit. Each panellist gave a rundown of their organisation and a day-in-the-life for their job. Discussion ranged from big publishing houses poaching talent from small presses and the size of the UK market in foreign publishing – and both Germany and Italy can give big book advances

的大型外卖areopportunities whether in job openings in organisations you might never have thought of, audiobooks, or the fall of the pound sterling seeing a rise in foreign publishers buying UK books (for now at least!). Book to film and TV adaptations are increasing in recent years too.

帮助资助的人从书记慈善机构或者支持商品娱乐场所或支持与伦敦人的人们的备用房价一样。他们真的这样做,但公众对这些的意识都很低,所以请让出版业knowwhere you were looking for advice when you were starting out!



Aki Schilz.– Director at The Literary Consultancy

Sheerin Aswat– Head of Sales & IRC Relationship Manager for The London Book Fair

佐伊厂– Senior Scout at Daniela Schlingmann Literary Scouting

Eliza Kavanagh.– Campaigns Executive at The Publishers Association

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The Spare Room Project: Helen’s Experience Hosting Publishing Interns


Let’s be honest, opportunities in the publishing industry are mainly in London and this can be a real obstacle for anyone looking to enter the industry from outside of the capital. This is where the Spare Room Project comes in. In 2016, James Spackman (publisher and consultant) with the support of the Publishers Association, set up this project, which provides aspiring publishers with the opportunity to stay in the city for free and take up work experience placements.

那么它是如何工作的呢?真的很简单:实习生re matched with hosts who are willing to offer their spare room for a week. If you sign up to the Spare Room Project, you’ll be added to a mailing list and alerted when there are new lodgers to host. There’s no immediate obligation to host and you only need reply when you see dates that will work for you. I would urge anyone with a spare room to sign up and see whether you can help now or in the future.



你可以在这里找到更多https://thespareroomproject.co.uk/or on their Twitter,@SpareRoomProj公司,而且不要只是拿到它的话,阅读PA网站上的一些推荐并查看他们的常见问题解答https://www.publishers.org.uk/activities/inclusivity/spare-room-project/

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