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Why Temping is Terrific!



临时is the perfect way to decide the kind of role you would like, the type of company you would like to work for and where your skill set lies.

Not only that but temp positions can turn into permanent ones! If you work hard, stand out and prove yourself they won’t want to let you go!


`Atwood Tate were really helpful and friendly when I first went to meet them and got me into a temp role really quickly at a great publishing house… They were also really enthusiastic and encouraging when my temporary role got made permanent (even though that meant cutting my temporary contract short). Would definitely recommend Atwood Tate for anyone looking to get into publishing!’

Once you are in, you get first pick of any internal roles and you can apply!

临时also allows you to build up your publishing knowledge and experience that will assist you in an interview along with building up your network of contacts in a small industry.

Our temp’s team doesn’t stop assisting you once we have placed you in a role. Instead we will continue to place you into temp roles to build up your publishing experience which will secure you a permanent role!

`It has been a great success since registering in May this year. The windows into different areas of the publishing industry that assignments offered have proven invaluable for securing a permanent publishing role. I’ve felt support from start to finish.’

Contact our temps team to register:

Novia Kingshott, Senior Publishing Recruitment Consultant on 0203 574 4421

Kathryn Flicker, Temps Coordinator on 0203 574 4427


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Bite Sized Series: Marvellous Marketing

What do marketers in Publishing do?

Marketers are responsible for promoting a publisher or client’s products or services in order to reach their target audience. Marketing can be either traditional (e.g. print advertisements, brochures, flyers) or digital (e.g. social media, email campaigns, websites, SEO, digital advertising). The main goal of marketing is to generate sales. Nearly all marketing roles that we recruit for do have a strong digital element, so it is important to keep these skills up to date.


The skills and knowledge that you develop in marketing are highly transferable, especially if you have particular expertise or a specialism that is in demand. Marketers often need to have strong copywriting skills and a keen eye for detail, as well as excellent communication and relationship building skills. An up-to-date knowledge of the sector you’d like to work in as well as an understanding of the company and its target market, will strengthen your application.

What marketing roles do we work on?


So just to sum up:

  • Marketers are responsible forpromoting a publisher or client’s products or servicesin order to reach their target audience and generate sales.
  • The技能和知识that you develop in marketing arehighly transferable, especially if you have particular expertise or a specialism that is in demand.
  • Marketing is acreative role因此,您将自己和您的产品销售是很重要的。是authentic想想你的personal brand!
  • 规划!Get a marketing plan at least3-6 months ahead出版日期!

建yaboLOL电竞议从我们发布招聘顾问, Catherine Roney


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It is only a week to go until the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019, so we’ve put together a collection of top tips and things to do and see while you’re there! These suggestions are aimed at anyone attending, whether you’re coming as a student, publishing professional, job-seeker or just trying to increase your knowledge of the publishing and media industry. Even if you’re an annual attendee at the event, we’ve got some ideas for you!

Here are some of our top tips:

  • 计划你的time in advance:全天将有许多会议和活动,因此您可以查看计划是重要的,以便查看可能兴趣的事件并使您受益。这是一个巨大的场地,充满了充足的工作,所以通过规划时间井,你将能够充分利用公平!也使用大厅计划to avoid getting lost!
  • 您将达到客户和重要的联系人,所以你确实想要聪明,女士们可能会诱惑穿高脚跟,但相信我,你最肯定会后悔这个决定。法兰克福展览中心是巨大的,书架遍布几个大厅,所以你肯定会竭尽全力。Wear flat shoesor shoes that are comfortable. Of course dress code varies but you can never go wrong with business casual, a pair of flat clean shoes or boots will keep you comfy throughout the day!
  • Considering it’s an all-day event and you might well be using your phone to contact colleagues, show clients clips and perhaps be taking plenty of photos and videos yourself, bring a便携式手机充电器!Download the Frankfurter Buchmesse App for a convenient guide around the fair as well as a timetable of the event. Do take pictures of impressive stands you like as a reminder to yourself, but most definitely share them on social media too!
  • As this is the biggest international event of the year for the publishing industry, there’ll be a lot of people and food stalls and stands will have queues! So remember to carry a bottle of water tokeep yourself hydrated!Bring a snack if you’re super organised. It’s very easy to get hot and dehydrated in big events, to avoid the long queues and high prices at the cafes!

Lastly, although you are out in Frankfurt for the Book Fair, it’s also important toplan some chill-out time,所以你不会被淹没!一整天都在四处走动,或者保持不断开朗的脸,为你的背靠背会议筋疲力尽。法兰克福是德国中心的美丽城市,有很多才能看到并做逃脱一会儿!在抵达之前需要一些时间,看看有什么看法,看看是否有一个替代场地,你可以逃脱,是否是文化的事情,看看或者和平吃和喝酒!这对人群中容易焦虑的任何人来说,这是一个艰难的事件,所以准备好并寻找可能挣扎的朋友和同事。

Here is a list of places you might like to visit near/around the venue:

  • If you get a tired of the traditional German food, this traditional Japanese restaurant calledMangetsu,提供优秀的日本食物,如果您需要一些安静的空间,是一个很棒的地方。
  • 法兰克福的核心是Römerberg:法兰克福的旧城中心,这个镇中心充满了传统建筑,一个非常美丽的广场,看起来很棒照片!
  • The Palm Garden is the largest botanic garden in Germany, so it is definitely worth seeing if you have the time. I’m sure the garden will look fantastic during the Autumn season!

For more places to visit around Frankfurt click这里!

Make sure to check what events are going on throughout the fair and which companies are attending!

Byte the Book is networking at the book fair this year and are offering Networking Drinks on October 16thin the fair from 9pm till late! This will be a great opportunity to meet some new people from the media and publishing industry and would be great to broaden your knowledge on both industries! For more information on the eventclick here!

In case you weren’t aware Norway is the guest of honour this year so to honour that we’ve decided to share some of our favourite Norwegian reads:

喀布尔的书商by Asne Seierstad

Harry Hole thrillersseries by Jo Nesbo

A Doll’s Houseby Henrik Ibsen


我们期待着与您的所有帖子见到活动,请通过我们继续联系Twitter, tweet us pictures and information about the event we’ll be glad to hear from you!


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Publishing Interview Tips!



  • 使用职位描述和人员规范来磨练他们正在寻找的技能和能力
  • Practice an interview situation with your friends or family
  • Greet the interviewer with a firm (but not bone breaking!) handshake
  • Take copies of your cv, covering letter and relevant documents with you
  • Dress well; publishing is a creative industry and you can express yourself with your dress whilst looking smart
  • Leave plenty of time to get to your interview; being late will make you feel stressed prior to the interview
  • Keep eye contact, wait for your turn to speak and listen carefully to the questions you are being asked
  • Answer the question and express yourself clearly (practice will help with this)
  • 是honest
  • Ask questions! An interview is also your opportunity to see if the company will be a good fit for you as well as you for them, so prepare some well researched questions in advance
  • 对自己的技能和能力充满信心,有了例子准备好展示了您与工作要求相关的经验
  • Show your enthusiasm! You can also follow up after the interview to thank them for their time


  • 穿着太随便了
  • Complain about your previous role or employer! You want your interview to be a positive experience
  • Lie about your skills or abilities, lies can be detected! You also don’t want to be in a difficult situation if you find yourself unable to do the job
  • 如果你没有回答一个问题,那就太难了,而是保持积极并进入下一个问题。在一个问题上犯错误,你不会被判断
  • Bring up salary, holidays and benefits unless your interviewer does
  • 是blunt or too simple in your answers with just a `yes’ or `no’, you are expected to explain where possible, without rambling
  • 谈论你的面试官或为他们完成句子


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Sales and Customer Service

I joined Atwood Tate in February 2018 and specialise in recruiting for Sales, Production, Production Editorial, Rights, Contracts, Project Management, Design, Distribution & Operations roles. In this blog, I will be explaining jobs inSalesandCustomer Servicesectors within publishing.



Sales roles are diverse – from Sales Assistant, Sales Executive, Sales Representation roles which bring in new business to an Account Manager role looking after a designated group of client/company products, i.e an Account Manager for children titles in the US market for an international leading trade book publisher. For sales roles, it is also usually divided into a specific list of titles and accounts: normal accounts (bookshops/direct customers) and special sales (supermarkets/retail stores/ wholesalers).

What does a sales role involve?

Your job is to understand the front list titles, prepare new titles presentation, build and maintain relationships with customers/clients, represent your publisher and persuade your target audience to sell your titles or products.

What skills do you need to succeed in a sales role?

Communication and presentation skills. You need to be results and target driven and have a good head for numbers. Excellent negotiating skills are a must. You will also need to keep up with latest market trends, observe the market, feed it back to your publisher and make strategic plans to keep the business going.


Sales roles are very diverse so they are always full of opportunity and progression. You can make a lateral move or you move upwards and onwards. The contacts and relationships you will build up throughout the years will also become one of you biggest assets when you look for a new opportunity – so make sure you stay in touch with everybody!

Customer Service

What is a customer service role?

客户服务是基础mentally a role to support the operations of a sales department. You will update metadata on the company database, websites or other online platforms. You will also handle queries from booksellers/clients/direct customers, issue invoice and follow up on the finances. Other responsibilities may include logistics management, stock queries, and resolving problems.

What skills do you need in a customer service role?

As for the nature of the role, you will be a tech-savvy person. Preparing sales materials for your colleagues, updating the database and processing orders will be your main duties so a good eye for detail, good communications skills and a high ability to solve problems will be essential.


You can start as a Sales Coordinator and then move towards managing accounts and eventually overseeing a sales operations team. Keep up with the latest technology and software, be an expert in what you do. If you eventually wanted to have a fresh challenge, you could look into operations or project management roles.


Clare Chan,高级出版招聘顾问

Tel: 0203 574 4428 Email:clarechan@atwoodtate.co.uk

Specialist areas:销售,生产,生产编辑,权利,合同,项目管理,设计,分销和运营角色。


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With less than two weeks to go until the 2019 London Book Fair, preparation is well under way! Not booked your ticket yet? You can here:https://www.londonbookfair.co.uk/

我们很高兴再次成为今年最大事件之一的一部分,提出了CV建议和我们对出版业的专业知识yaboLOL电竞The Careers Clinic(you will need to be registered to attend the London Book Fair to participate but they have a limited number of free London Book Fair tickets).

Would you like to meet us at the fair or after at our office near Bond Street station? Give our administrator a call on 0203 574 4420 to book an appointment!

NB: We’re running an Evening CV / Get registered Surgery event on Wednesday 6th March and you can book an appointment for anytime up until 7pm!

We are feeling extra excited because for the first time there will be a live podcast stage! With a line-up that includes Ian McEwan and Daisy Buchanan, the podcasts will be happening over the three days at The Fireside Chat Stage. You can find the podcasts events here:https://publishingperspectives.com/2019/02/london-book-fair-announces-inaugural-podcast-lineup-smartphones-pew-research/Make sure to check it out!

Are you a first timer?

  • 计划你的travel!(有直接的公交线路和肯辛顿最棒pia has its own railway station)
  • Check out the lists ofexhibitorsand plan who you want to visit
  • Bring a big bag! (You may want to pick up leaflets and information)
  • There will be lots of freeseminars, make sure to attend one
  • Take a notepad and pen – exhibitor stands and what they are promoting will give you industry insight that you can use in an interview
  • 网络尽可能多
  • Follow up on all connections made
  • Most importantly– visit our consultants at The Careers Clinic

Are you a regular attendee?(Authors, agents, publishers)


But make sure you are stocked up on business cards and have planned the exhibitors you are most interested in and the seminars you want to attend!

Three of our fabulous consultants will be at The Careers Clinic!

Meet Clare Chan- 伦敦和伦敦和家庭县的生产https://www.linkedin.com/in/clare-chan-6437b068/

Meet Kellie Millar– Kellie is the manager of our temps and freelancers desk and also recruits for all Administration, HR and Finance roleshttps://uk.linkedin.com/in/kelliemillar

Meet Faye Jones– Faye works on Editorial (B2B & Professional), Sales, Marketing and Rights in Oxford and all areas outside London and the Home Countieshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/faye-jones-a94344147/


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Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week Clare returns, focusing on roles in STM publishingSTM word cloud

What does ‘STM’ means in publishing?

STM Publishing指的是学术,Scientific,Technical,Medical and professional publishers. In Atwood Tate, we work with a wide range of publishers from academic and scientific publishers, learned societies, open-access publishers and professional bodies to reach out to publishing professionals. The content is often journals or books based, for journals, there are open-access journals and subscription journals.

What will be the academic requirement?

The majority of roles we work on require a scientific degree. It is not often that a Master’s or PhD is required but for senior editorial positions, especially working on a particular scientific subject, it is likely that a specific academic background will be needed. However, for roles that are more operational or with a strategic focus, companies might be more flexible on educational background. Some candidates have, for example, an English degree who now work in a managerial STM publishing role so never say never!

What roles do we work on within STM publishing?

We work on roles from junior to senior level. From Editorial or Publication Assistant, to middleweight Production Editor or Commissioning Editor; senior level Managing Editor or Publishing Operations Manager and so on. STM publishing is a big area and it is full of potential to transfer your expertise.

Is there good progression in STM Publishing?

STM publishing is fast growing and blooming quickly so there will definitely be good progression. Through working with different portfolio of journals and academia, you will grow your network and gain a wider knowledge of STM publishing. Currently, a lot of STM publishers are expanding and restructuring so there are definitely opportunities to grow your career in the field.

If you are looking for a job in STM Publishing,get in touch with Clare atclarechan@atwoodtate.co.uk.

阿特伍德泰特是一名成员alpsp.(The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers).



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SYP Alumni Event: How do you make a difference to your company when you are not the company’s decision makers?


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牛津Publishing Society: 21st Century Publishing Careers

On Thursday we attended theOPuSEvent Careers in 21st century publishing at牛津Brookes University. The event featured three speakers from a wide range of companies who talked through their own specific work experience path. The event aimed to answer questions on the ease of progressing and moving around in publishing, what key elements are needed to build your career and the possibility of finding success outside traditional publishing companies.

Faye & Alison and Oxford Publishing Society

Ian Campsall, Product Manager for The Science Direct Article Page atelewsvier.

伊恩·马完成了牛津布鲁克斯,他希望to change careers. He completed an internship at John Wiley and then applied for the position of Digital Publishing Executive at Wiley, he then moved into product management for mobile platforms. He is now Product Management for Elsevier working on The Science Direct Article page.

Aaron O'Dowling-Keane, Sales and Marketing Manager atSherlock: The Game is Now


Saskia Watts, Marketing Specialist,VitalSource (Ingram)


• Take risks
• Organisation is key
• Soft skills are vital
• Feedback is a good thing, use constructive feedback to improve
• Recognise that publishing is all about collaboration
• Be curious and talk to everyone, get to know people from different places
• Try everything and do everything, volunteer at university events, join societies like OPuS, SYP
• Adapt and be flexible and keep learning

Useful links:


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B2B Job Focus: Market Reporters

你还记得我们的文章吗?B2B reporters?今天我们将看看一系列记者:市场记者!

Market Reporters

Market reporters (or Pricing/Price Reporters) are journalists with distinct duties. They assess commodities prices and write market commentaries and news on specific markets.

Commodities are substances or products that can be traded. Single commodities markets include metals (gold, zinc, steel), energy (fuel oil, natural gas) or agriculture (rice, wheat, corn).

Market reporters talk to trader and investors to establish a list of prices, either on a daily or weekly basis. They also need to develop solid relationship with commodity analysts, forecasters, financial planners and company CEOs and expand and maintain this network.



Market reporters are expected to:

  • 开发一个专业知识的行业,建立strong contacts within it and attend relevant conferences, meeting and events
  • 评估价格并撰写关于该行业的评论和新闻
  • Interview professionals and travel when required to attend meetings
  • Keep up to date and report on foreign markets
  • Have a good head for numbers and be meticulous with the data they collect



  • Journalism
  • 金融
  • Business
  • Economics.

Of course, employers will expect you to have excellent writing and numerical skills. For senior positions, a relevant track record in the industry is necessary.

This article was the last of our series on B2B Job Focus, we hope you enjoyed it!


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