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Byte the Book | Buzz Words: How Can You Build a Community Around Your Content

Last night I attendedByte the Book’s event on marketing and building a community around your content, sponsored by Bookswarm. As Atwood Tate’s Social Media Coordinator, I found the talk from industry leaders and influencers really interesting.

We gathered in the chapel at the House of St Barnabas (a not-for-profit private members’ club working against homelessness), which was a beautiful if unconventional venue. The wine I’d bought not long before had to be quickly finished off as we couldn’t bring alcohol into the chapel. As I sat on a hard wooden pew, I drafted a tweet with an image of the chapel, which I immediately had to delete upon being told the crucifix hanging over the alter was in fact copyrighted.

the chapel and full audience waiting for the discussion to begin

The chapel sans crucifix

在任何其他小组谈话中,全面粘在手机上的观众将被视为粗鲁。在数字营销讨论中,鼓励,#BytetheBook Hashtag的实时更新投影到扬声器后面的屏幕上。


Lysanne Currie,一名记者和数字战略家担任讨论。她始于孤独星球上全球通信总监劳拉·莱茵斯(Laura Lindsay)开始,关于旅行者社区孤独的星球在线建立在线和离线。Lindsay叙述了孤独的星球在20世纪90年代如何通过与读者分享信件。他们是Twitter上第一个品牌之一,并通过分享来自他们的旅行者社区的内容,而不仅仅是共享营销材料,建立了以下内容。她说,建立一个在线社区,与建立“真实世界”社区没有什么不同。


Leena Normyton,Youtuber和老式书籍的社交媒体制作人建议观众选择为您选择哪些平台,而不是担心使用每个平台。她注意到与不同媒体接合的不同人口统计数据 - 例如播客往往比YouTube视频略高于较大的男性观众。她还强调将您的在线观众视为真实的人,不仅是观众或用户。

The panellists agree that the key to a great social media presence is to be consistent and to be genuine. Have a schedule for uploading content and show who you are as a person, rather than just marketing your book. Try new things and experiment, see what works for you and it’s okay to stop if it’s not working.

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问答Round Up

上周是Publishers Association’s#workinpublishing周!我们做了一个问答Twitter– if you missed it, you can catch up here.

Q: What are the key features recruiters look for in a CV and Cover Letter when recruiting for entry level publishing jobs?


Q: How important do you think events like literary events and trade shows are?

A: Getting to know people at industry events can be really useful, especially as you can get a feel for different roles and sectors! Having said that, it’s not compulsory, so if you don’t live in London and you can’t get to events easily, don’t worry!

Q:When considering a job offer, it’s not just about salary. What else should candidates be thinking about?

A: Consider what’s important to you – the commute time, flexible working opportunities, training/professional development and company benefits!




A: Sounds like you should start applying for entry-level roles! You’d also be a great temping candidate, which can sometimes lead to long term roles.

Q: how can I make myself stand out from the hundreds of other graduates when applying for jobs?

答:让你的求职信脱颖而出土著居民的交谈ut your work experience, any temp roles, admin experience, and extracurricular interests which give you transferable skills!


- 答:入门级角色非常竞争,所以迅速充满了,但是在门口的一个好方法是通过Temping!与我们一起注册临时机会,我们可能会提供帮助。

Q: What are the most in demand roles in publishing?

A: Most people want to work in editorial, but publishers are always looking for Commissioning Editors and Production Controllers!

Q: What are your top tips for writing a good CV?

A: Be clear and concise, use bullet points, and put most relevant experience at the top! No long paragraphs please! For more tips see our blog posthere

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We were delighted to hear that Beanstalk who we’ve been supporting for the last 7 years has now merged with another literacy charity, Reading Matters. This will allow them to support even more children and young people and help them to achieve their 2020 vision of working with 30,000 children.

The aim of the charity is to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain confidence in reading. Beanstalk provides 1-1 reading support to children in primary schools and early years, Reading Matters covers secondary schools so this is a great combination.

2016 - 17年阅读问题有助于6,497名儿童和年轻人,而Beanstalk在同一时期的11,000名儿童工作。


  • Beanstalk is a national charity that provides one-to-one literacy support to children who struggle with their reading.
  • The charity recruits, trains and supports volunteers to provide one-to-one literacy support in primary schools.
    Beanstalk’s trained reading helpers transform the lives of the children they support, turning them into confident, passionate and able readers.
  • In the last school year the charity helped over 11,000 children across England, in over 1,400 schools, with the help of over 3,000 reading helpers, ensuring children have the skills and confidence to reach their true potential.
  • By 2020-21 Beanstalk aims to help 30,000 children every year, with 8,000 volunteers.


  • Reading Matters is a registered charity and not-for-profit social enterprise which began in 1997. Since then, the charity has supported tens of thousands of young people.
  • 2016/17年,阅读事项支持6,497名儿童和青少年,平均每年增加13个月,只需10周。
  • The charity runs a range of programmes: Reading Mentors, Reading Leaders, Reading Families and Reading Teams. They provide schools with a resource box of reading materials that will engage and encourage reluctant readers.
  • Reading Matters’ social mission is to help children, young people and adults to reach their potential by becoming confident and enthusiastic readers.

More info:


and check out the Bookseller article:https://www.thebookseller.com/news/beanstalk-and-reading-matters-merge-664681

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我学会了在泰特阿特伍德的广告ministrator & Social Media Coordinator


In July 2016 I joined Atwood Tate as a maternity cover Administrator. In October I was made permanent as the Administrator and Social Media Coordinator. Sadly I am now leaving the company which I have absolutely loved working for, for an exciting opportunity working as a Marketing and Publicity Executive at a Trade publishing house.

As Administrator, and later Social Media Coordinator, I have learnt a lot during my time at Atwood Tate! From the different publishing sectors to the true cost of London commuting!

Upon leaving University in May 2016 I hectically began applying for numerous jobs and work experience placements within publishing and had first-hand experience of the difficulty of breaking into this industry.

Publishing is an increasingly competitive world to enter into and often candidates requires a lot of experience to get an entry-level job. With work experience placements often over-subscribed and most not covering more than expenses, it was sometimes difficult to add extra work experience to my CV. Instead I developed my skills within blogging, social media and coding which eventually led to me gaining a few interviews.

如果您想了解更多关于如何的信息写博客YouTubingand编码/ HTMLcan help make your CV’s stand out take a look at our blog posts on these subjects!

I was lucky enough to come across a vacancy at Atwood Tate and attended an interview for the role. I was later offered the position of Administrator and jumped at the opportunity to be working within the publishing industry on the recruitment side of things.

Working in recruitment is a great way to learn about the industry and to network with a lot of people working within it.

Ultimately, I’ve decided to return to my roots within publishing, but during my time at Atwood Tate I have learnt many things about this industry and have had a great time doing so:

What I’ve Learnt Working at Atwood Tate:

  • There are more sectors in publishing that just Trade, Academic and Educational. This includes: B2B (Business to Business), STM (Science Technical and Medical) and Professional publishing. These sectors are just as exciting as the three I knew about prior to joining, and are a great place to build experience and learn more about publishing.
  • 此外,出版中的作用范围内的作用也不仅仅是社论。当他们首次申请出版角色时,很多人都希望进入编辑态势,但宣传,销售,权利和许多其他工作角色就像在行业内的引人入胜界一样
  • Recruitment Companies, such as Atwood Tate, are a great resource for job-hunters, both experienced and entry-level. Even if Atwood Tate have no available roles for entry-level candidates we have created resources for entry-level candidates across our social media and on our website. This includes fortnightly Q&As, awork experience resources page,快速电子邮件回复查询和常规有用的博客帖子就业申请,Temping和技能开发。
  • Publishing Recruitment is just as immersive as working in a publishing house. When I first joined Atwood Tate I wanted to meet people within publishing, and develop my networking abilities. Since starting I have gone to numerous Society of Young Publishers event, attended theLondon Book Fair和LBF研讨会,通过我们的社交媒体账户,通过我们的社交媒体账户与出版社和出版商通信
  • 最后但并非最不重要的是,我从阿特伍德·泰特工作中学到的最好的事情之一:帮助人们在出版中找到工作是一种梦幻般的感觉。

我不仅遇到了办公室以外的一些伟大的人,而且我也在公司内部做出了一些梦幻般的朋友 - 主要来自带来大量的蛋糕!

One of the best bits of feedback we can receive from candidates and clients alike is about how friendly they find the staff at Atwood Tate, and it’s true! I may be biased but the main aim of everyone at Atwood Tate is to get our candidates their dream jobs, and clients their dream employees. And to give advice during the times that we’re waiting for those jobs to come in.

I’m leaving Atwood Tate in the full knowledge that if I ever need a new job in future I will be in safe hands when coming to them.

我也留下了我们的新社交媒体,我拥有巨大的责任和发展的快乐,包括我们的YouTube ChannelandInstagram。I leave this in the capable hands of our new Administrator and Social Media Coordinator: Andrew Willis.

You’ll be hearing more about Andrew in the coming week! So watch out for that.

For now I leave Atwood Tate withhuge thanksfor the wonderful opportunities and experiences I have had. And best of luck to our new Administrator Andrew, who’s going to do a wonderful job!

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World Book Day

World Book Day

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day, a day in which we celebrate the written word. And on such an occasion, some might ask, Well, do books really need a day? Here in the publishing industry, we certainly think so. In fact, books are perhaps more important than ever, given recent trends in which reading has become portrayed as the pastime of ivory tower academics, out of touch with the real world, rather than the tool with which we better every aspect of our lives, from education to, as some studies show, improving empathy.

The writer William Nicholson once wrote “We read to know we’re not alone.” He credited these words to CS Lewis, the author responsible for one of the most beloved fictional universes in literary history. They succinctly describe the reason why reading has never fallen out of fashion. Despite the drastic changes to entertainment brought about by the digital age. With sales for George Orwell and Margaret Atwood soaring since a certain president’s recent inauguration, it shows that people still go to the same place they always have for comfort.

Everyone remembers the book they read as a child that changed the way they thought. They remember the time they encountered a world they wanted to live in more than their own. They remember people who don’t exist as well as they remember the people in their own lives. Everyone has that book (or books!) they’ll never sell, that moves from one home to another like a member of the family.


您还可以在我们的其他社交媒体网站上喊出您最喜欢的书:FacebookLinkedInYouTubeorInstagram.And check out the official Book Day网站!

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The Academic Publishing Sector

Academic Publishing Header

Academic Publishing



An academic publisher publishes journals, books, articles and monographs on the latest findings within academic research. The content is often written by researchers and academics within a specific area of research – such as historians, doctors and scientists – and it is normally peer reviewed by fellow scholars of the same topic.

学术出版和STM之间有很多交叉(科学,技术,医疗),但我们将它们分类为Atwood Tate的两个独立扇区。

Suitability within Academic Publishing

Many fields within academia have their own publications in which to publish their findings. These are the societies and publishers for which you would be applying to work for.

As such a degree, PhD, or a background within non-fiction publishing, or an evidential interest in a topic of academia, is preferable to many employers within academic publishing. Some more so than others. It often depends on the specifics of a role.

For an entry-level role in Academic publishing we recommend you gain as much as admin experience as possible. With regards to sales, design, marketing and other roles within publishing, a clear interest in academic publishing can be enough to be considered for a role. Also, if you have experience working within the higher education sector in some way this can also be useful. It shows a developed insight into the academic market and customers.

The skills and academic background required is dependent on the publisher in question.


What type of Publishers are Academic Publishers:

There are many different types of academic publishers. Here are some examples of the companies we’ve worked with before.


  • Oxford University Press
  • 曼彻斯特大学出版社
  • Cambridge University Press

But there are also societies and specific academic publishers, such as:

  • The Biochemical Society
  • Elsevier
  • Taylor & Francis
  • 兴趣者

These are just some of many Academic Publishers in the UK, some of which have positions internationally as well.

Due to the exciting nature of the published content within academic publishing, this is a great sector in which to have a career. You can work on the latest research and publish exciting findings across many different topics. You can also work in an industry which is very often ahead of other publishing sectors, in terms of publishing innovations such as digital publishing, online platforms etc. It is as intellectually challenging as it is creative.

Interested in a role in Academic Publishing? Want to know more about the sector? Get in touch:

And make sure you check out theTwitter Feed.andofficial websitefor #AcBookWeek.

Let us know what you would like to learn about next on our blog on our social media:TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTubeorInstagram.

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Blogmas: Day 21

Blogmas: Day 21

We’re into the final countdown of Christmas now as it’s Day 21! Today is jam-packed with work!

It is also thelast dayof ourTwitter Q&As! We will be answering questions from 12:30-1:30pm about any publishing subject you wish: Work Experience, CVs, Interviews…anything! Tag @AtwoodTate or use the hashtag #AskAtwood!

We will also be releasing a new博客帖子!!So watch out for that!

Let us know if you’re excited for Christmas onTwitterFacebookLinkedInorInstagram!!

Not long now until Christmas!

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Blogmas: Day 20

Blogmas: Day 20


We’ll be getting ready for tomorrow’s Q&A as well! So if you do have any outstanding question feel free to ask away then, onTwitterFacebookLinkedInorInstagram.

Merry Christmas!

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Blogmas: Day 16

Blogmas: Day 16

这是我们的大揭示Christmas Giveaway优胜者!我们迫不及待地想向幸运收件人发送所有的好东西!

Today is also CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY! Make sure you check out ourInstagramTwitterandFacebook看看跳线我们将在办公室摇晃!别忘了分享你的照片!我们很乐意看到!

We will also be releasing a new博客帖子今天和我们每周的圣诞节测验 - 要确认的主题!- 在我们的Facebook页面上!这将是一个伟大的一天,只有9天直到圣诞节!

Merry Christmas!

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For the last two weeks we have been running aTwitter Q&Aevery Wednesday and most of the questions have been about‘Where to Find Work Experience in Publishing’

In a previous blog post aboutWork Experiencewe mentioned most companies require a minimum of 3-6 months’ work experience within publishing before considering applications for part-time or permanent entry-level roles. This is because Publishing is an incredibly popular business and entry-level roles are heavily applied for! Some of the larger publishers can get between 20 and 200 applications for any entry-level position, with editorial roles being the most popular!

If you really want to make your CV stand out then you need to get some work experience.


  • Atwood Tate,作为公司,不要处理工作经验,但我们有一个Temps Team!!Our temp’s team can help you get a paid temporary job, starting tomorrow in some cases, all you need have is a small amount of admin skills or equivalent. Temps are paid weekly and can have work lasting from a fortnight to three months. To get in contact with our team and learn more about how they can help you, email Michael, their team administrator:michaellawlor@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk
  • Twitter:A lot of people say they struggle to use twitter to find work experience but it’s all about following the right people and making connections online! For example: If you want to work at a Literary Agency follow the Literary Agentsand公司页面!他们更有可能在Twitter上发布工作经验展示,以收集对他们显然感兴趣的人的兴趣!出版公司是相同的,特别是smallerpublishing houses. You can also follow certain pages which are dedicated to helping people finding jobs and work experience within publishing, for example:@PubInternsand@BookJobsUKand specific job pages for publishing houses and academic presses!
  • Facebook:Another Social Media site. A lot of the bigger named trade publishing houses have specific Work Experience Vacancies pages on Facebook. They advertise anywhere from fortnightly to yearly with opportunities for interns and work experience, from yearlong schemes to two week placements! It is well worth seeing which publishing houses are on Facebook and finding their Work Experience pages!
  • BA/MA Courses:This is not always a viable option, but if you want to learn more about publishing in an academic way or within a learning environment you can apply for multiple BA/MA courses all over the UK. Some come with guaranteed Work Experience placements as part of the modules. You get a broad overview of Publishing within these courses and will usually graduate with many skills across multiple publishing sectors and job roles. They will not guarantee you a full-time publishing position straight away upon graduation though.
  • Company Pages:Nearly all companies will post Work Experience schemes on their websites. We recommend you keep an eye on smaller, more independent, publishing houses across all sectors from trade to B2B to gain some experience. These schemes are normally less over-subscribed and in some cases can last longer than an average fortnight placement.
  • Blogs:Much like Twitter there are several blogs dedicated to finding Work Experience within publishing. To name a few:出版专业的日记andPublishing Interns。They release weekly to monthly bulletins of all of the latest entry-level roles and work experience placements going across Book Publishing, Magazines, B2B and Newspapers across the whole of the UK.
  • The Society of Young PublishersOpen to anyone with under 10 years publishing experience. There is an annual fee to join the society but you are given access to a private jobs board with work experience and entry level roles, as well as tickets to publishing events where you can network with other publishing professionals and more! If you want to know if Networking is helpful readour blog on the subject here!如果你是,值得加入SYP当然你想工作within publishing.
  • 乔布斯董事会:最后,但并非最不重要的是工作板。您可以从许多工作板上获取工作警报,您可以定制到所需的位置,即发布或B2B或编辑等。出版以及标准职位板也有特定的职位板。例子:GuardianReedPublishingScotlandOxford Brookes Publishing BoardIndeedThe Bookseller和更多!

We hope that these tips will help you know where to find work experience in publishing!

如果您在下面有更多的问题评论或加入我们的下一个/最后一Q&章2016年星期三21日stDecember at 12:30pm on Twitter. Use the hashtag #AskAtwood or tag @AtwoodTate!

Let us know what you think on our social media sites too:TwitterFacebookYouTubeLinkedInorInstagram.

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