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Some of you may be used to working from home already but it’s very likely that the current situation will mean many more of us will be doing this from now on for some weeks.



  • Think about what equipment, software, access and logins your team may need to do their work remotely
  • Do a quick check on laptops, chargers, headsets, webcams etc to make sure they’re in working order before giving out
  • 要求您的团队分享他们的家/移动联系号码并分发此列表
  • 检查您的办公室可以转发到另一个数字的呼叫,理想情况下,在工作时间之外关闭功能。如果左,人们可以登录以检查语音邮件吗?
  • If people don’t have an unlimited phone package agree to cover expenses for usage
  • Keep a record of important stakeholder / supplier contacts and share with your team
  • 让每个人访问/下载像缩放等视频会议应用程序,这样您就可以互相使用视频会议和客户
  • Decide on an instant messenger eg Skype / LinkedIn etc so your team can communicate amongst themselves without clogging up emails
  • 同意在办理登记处确认您的准则并能够在那一天中工作/当计划午餐/安排时间休息时


  • You’ll want to be as effective as possible, so make sure you have a clear workspace with suitable work surface and chair
  • Think about structuring your day – you might be able to start and finish earlier if not commuting
  • 尽量不要让家务琐事分心,因素在一些休息时间,如果可能的话,在午餐时间外面休息一下,然后散步,去散步等
  • Communicate with your team on your movements and any successes / useful tips that have worked well for you
  • At the end of the day, make your to-do list for tomorrow and pack up the desk so you have clear free time separate from your working day

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How to Get into Publishing

Last week The London Book Fair hosted the event `How to get into Publishing?’. The Olympia Room was full of eager graduates, awaiting advice and tips of how to kick start their career in publishing. Here we have created a summary of what was said.

The panel:


Shalini Bhatt.https: //www.linkedin.com/in/shalini-bhatt

Katherine Reevehttps: //uk.linkedin.com/in/katharinereeve

Maria Vassilopouloshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-vassilopoulos-51572320

The panel began by offering a background of themselves,他们的第一个角色是什么,这一角色的技能如何在访谈中分开它们?

  1. One of the roles was working in a bookshop as a Christmas temp. The skills developed within this role; customer service, bookselling, industry knowledge contributed to success in an interview, especially when asked `what is your favourite book?’.
  2. 酒店背景和可转让的斯基尔ls developed here; customer service, working on multiple projects, confidence and working with lots of different people are skills relatable to roles within publishing.
  3. If you have not studied an English or History degree, don’t worry, for one of the panel a visual arts degree stood them out from the crowd.


What are the geographical challenges and how can they be overcome?


Editorial roles are not the only choice. Take a look at HR, finance, marketing and production roles also.

备用房间项目在伦敦提供免费住宿,同时占用工作展示位置。阅读我们在这里的备用房间上的博客:http:///ows.ly/86ck30o88c0More good news; internships are more often than not paid.






面试提示: Go in with questions, be curious and passionate.


Introduce yourself in a personal statement at the top of your CV, your skills and what you are looking for.

Always read the job spec, pick out the key skills and buzz words and demonstrate you have them in your CV and cover letter.







Don’t list all of your previous jobs, but the most important and relatable ones which demonstrate the skills they are looking for.

面试提示: Represent yourself in the best possible way, but be yourself! Always ask when you will hear from them of the outcome of your interview.

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伦敦Book Fair 2019

在2019年伦敦书籍展会上持续不到两周,准备是在途中的!没有预订你的票吗?你可以在这里:https: //www.londonbookfair.co.uk/

我们很高兴再次成为今年最大事件之一的一部分,提出了CV建议和我们对出版业的专业知识yaboLOL电竞职业诊所(you will need to be registered to attend the London Book Fair to participate but they have a limited number of free London Book Fair tickets).

Would you like to meet us at the fair or after at our office near Bond Street station? Give our administrator a call on 0203 574 4420 to book an appointment!

NB:我们在3月6日星期三跑到一个晚间CV /获得注册手术活动,您可以预约随时预约直到晚上7点!

We are feeling extra excited because for the first time there will be a live podcast stage! With a line-up that includes Ian McEwan and Daisy Buchanan, the podcasts will be happening over the three days at The Fireside Chat Stage. You can find the podcasts events here:https://publothingperspects.com/2019/02/london-book-fair-announce-inaugural-podcast-lineup-smartphones-pew-research/Make sure to check it out!

Are you a first timer?

  • Plan your旅行!!(有直达巴士路线和肯辛顿奥林匹亚拥有自己的火车站)
  • Check out the lists ofexhibitorsand plan who you want to visit
  • 带上一个大包!(您可能希望播放传单和信息)
  • There will be lots of free研讨会, make sure to attend one
  • 采取笔记薄和笔 - 参展商站立,他们正在推广将为您提供您可以在面试中使用的行业洞察力
  • 网络尽可能多
  • Follow up on all connections made
  • 最重要的是- 在职业诊所访问我们的顾问

Are you a regular attendee?(Authors, agents, publishers)

We don’t need to tell you what to do!

But make sure you are stocked up on business cards and have planned the exhibitors you are most interested in and the seminars you want to attend!


Meet Clare Chan- 伦敦和伦敦和家庭县的生产,非技术项目管理,设计,运营,销售,销售,销售,权益和国际销售工作https: //www.linkedin.com/in/clare-chan-6437b068/

遇见Kellie Millar.- Kellie是我们的Temps和Freelancers桌面的经理,还为所有管理,人力资源和财务角色招募https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kelliemillar.

Meet Faye Jones– Faye works on Editorial (B2B & Professional), Sales, Marketing and Rights in Oxford and all areas outside London and the Home Countieshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/faye-jones-a94344147/

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Industry Spotlight: Temping


Publishers contact us to book temps when they need an extra pair of hands to help them meet a deadline or when they are extra busy. These roles are also urgent with almost immediate starts. Our clients also need temps to cover sick leave or to cover whilst a new permanent team member is being recruited. They may even consider the temp! Temp roles can range from 2 days up to 6 months and can be extended further and even lead to a permanent role.

临时atwood attate

Temps / Freelancers团队在整个出版业的角色涵盖了贸易和教育,学术,科学以及专业和B2B,数字和印刷品。亚博英雄联盟他们还涵盖了管理,金融,人力资源,营销和销售。

The team are:

Kellie Millar.(Temps/Freelancers Manager)kelliemillar@atwoodtate.co.uk

Novia Kingshott.(Senior Recruitment Consultant)noviakingshott@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk.

安娜斯瓦文(Temps / Freelancers管理员)annaslevin@atwoodtate.co.uk

安娜是一位泰特阿特伍德临时自己了a few admin placements in Accounts Payable and Publications Teams. As she can testify temps are paid weekly on Fridays and receive holiday pay which goes into a “pot” they draw from when they go on annual leave. Temps can be paid by hour or have a day rate depending on the job.

Our clients aren’t all publishers but have a busy publishing team. These also include a royal academic society, a charity or even a standards or ratings publisher. A lot of the time when temping, skills are readily transferrable and employers are more flexible regarding your work background. Marketing roles are particularly easy to transfer across or specialist knowledge such as science or law can be very useful in editorial for those specialist subject publishers.


Sometimes temps cover a role more senior or more junior than they would typically expect. This could be in a different area to one they have worked in before or one they do because they love what the publisher works on and the job. Temping is great for exploring the industry and various companies.

Temp roles will often say “extensions possible” this is because roles can be extended for more days and weeks or a contract on the publisher’s payroll could be offered. There are no guarantees but it does happen and you are more than welcome to apply for internal vacancies while working for that publisher which may not be available to the general public.




As a Temp: work hard + submit timesheets + be paid on Fridays = WORK IN PUBLISHING!!!

(You also learn a lot no matter how well you know the role and get to work with some really lovely people.)

随着Anna Slevin的贡献

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Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week Clare returns, focusing on roles in STM publishingSTM字云


STM Publishing指的是学术,S皮革Technical,Medical and professional publishers. In Atwood Tate, we work with a wide range of publishers from academic and scientific publishers, learned societies, open-access publishers and professional bodies to reach out to publishing professionals. The content is often journals or books based, for journals, there are open-access journals and subscription journals.


The majority of roles we work on require a scientific degree. It is not often that a Master’s or PhD is required but for senior editorial positions, especially working on a particular scientific subject, it is likely that a specific academic background will be needed. However, for roles that are more operational or with a strategic focus, companies might be more flexible on educational background. Some candidates have, for example, an English degree who now work in a managerial STM publishing role so never say never!


我们从初级到高级的角色工作。从编辑或出版助理,到中级生产编辑或调试编辑;高级管理编辑器或发布操作管理器等。STM Publishing是一个大面积,充满了转移您的专业知识。


STM Publishing快速增长和盛开,所以肯定会有良好的进展。通过使用不同的期刊和学术界组合,您将展现您的网络并获得对STM发布的更广泛了解。目前,许多STM发布商正在扩大和重组,因此肯定会有机会在该领域发展职业生涯。

如果您正在寻找STM发布的工作,get in touch with Clare atclarechan@yabo电竞投注atwoodtate.co.uk.

阿特伍德泰特是一名成员alpsp.(The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers).

Keep an eye out for ScholarlySocial @ScholarlySocial which has networking meetings.

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SYP.Alumni Event: How do you make a difference to your company when you are not the company’s decision makers?

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星期四,我们参加了OPuS21世纪出版的活动职业Oxford Brookes University。该活动采用了来自各种公司的三位发言者,通过他们自己的特定工作经验道路谈话。该活动旨在回答有关易于进展和出版方面的易于移动的问题,需要建立您的职业生涯以及在传统出版公司外寻找成功的可能性。


伊恩坎尔,Scient Scient Start Page的产品经理Elsevier

Ian completed the Oxford Brookes MA as he wanted to change careers. He completed an internship at John Wiley and then applied for the position of Digital Publishing Executive at Wiley, he then moved into product management for mobile platforms. He is now Product Management for Elsevier working on The Science Direct Article page.

Aaron O'Dowling-Keane, Sales and Marketing Manager atSherlock:现在的游戏

Aaron also studied the MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes and completed internships at OUP and the International Labour Office in Geneva. Her first role in publishing was for a small African Publisher in Oxford, she then moved away from publishing into crowdfunding, then story led interactive games and is now a Sales and Marketing Manager for a Sherlock themed escape room.

Saskia Watts, Marketing Specialist,VitalSource (Ingram)

After completing her MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, Saskia worked for Lightening Source as a marketing coordinator and she is now a marketing specialist for Ingram Vital Source.

Here are some interesting tips from the evening:
• 冒险
• Technology is everything and digital skills are important
• Take Risks, if the role does not suit you and you are not happy move on

SYP(年轻出版商协会):https: //thesyp.org.uk/

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B2B Job Focus: Market Reporters






Investors rely on market reporters for information about what to buy, sell or hold. As their analysis has an impact on the stock market, these journalists can be influential. They need a great deal of diplomacy as well as resilience and communication skills.

Typical duties

Market reporters are expected to:

  • 制定行业的专业知识,在其中构建强烈的联系,并参加相关会议,会议和活动
  • Assess prices and write commentaries and news about the industry
  • Interview professionals and travel when required to attend meetings
  • 及时了解外国市场报告
  • Have a good head for numbers and be meticulous with the data they collect


Our clients are open to graduates with the following degrees:

  • 新闻
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Economics.

Of course, employers will expect you to have excellent writing and numerical skills. For senior positions, a relevant track record in the industry is necessary.

This article was the last of our series on B2B Job Focus, we hope you enjoyed it!

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SYP.Panel Help Aspiring Publishers to Kick-Start Their Career

9月份,Syp伦敦敬请举办'开始职业生涯:如何在今年秋季取得成功,因为有抱负和进入级别出版候选人希望获得业内成员成员的一些职业和工作经验。发言者包括我们自己Associate Director Helen Speedy, who all brought their experiences and insights on how to build a successful career in publishing.


Explain your role and how you got there (approx. 5 mins each).

I am the Associate Director at Atwood Tate, a specialist publishing recruitment company based in Central London and Oxford. My job is to manage the Permanent team day-to day, who consist of seven consultants and an administrator, and make sure everybody is hitting their targets, having smooth relations with both clients and candidates and generally feeling happy. I am also the contact for senior publishing roles across the country, so a day can be talking through pipelines and business development with my team, or taking briefs from clients and sourcing appropriate candidates for the recruitment process.


How do I get my first job in publishing?


  • MA (plus work experience and networking)
  • Work experience placements that could lead to your first job
  • 通过一个机构 - Temping会导致烫发或让您需要的工作经验,但沿途正常付款(也是烫发)
  • Networking events are a great way to build up your contacts and make a good impression before you’ve even made an application!
  • 主动志愿服务/个人工作也值得考虑提升您的简历并从人群中脱颖而出。如果您的社交媒体,博客或志愿者支持您,可以更容易证明您对儿童插图小说的兴趣更容易!


Be more confident and don’t always assume that there are people better qualified than you.

What do you regret doing in your career?




  • In terms of CV advice, make sure it shows the difference you made and the impact you’ve had, not just a list of your duties
  • 如果您有很多自愿经验,实习和临时角色,则尝试分类而不是按时间顺序列出 - 讲述一个故事并确保事实支持叙述。


  • 你能勾选70-80%的盒子(通常没有人拥有它!)
  • Is it located in a sensible place for you to commute to?
  • Does picturing yourself in the role make you feel excited?
  • Do you think it would give you opportunities to learn?
  • 您对公司文化的了解以及这适合您的了解?
  • 如果您不确定,请尝试进行对话(招聘人员或广告上的名称)

Is it off-putting for employers if you apply for lots of different positions at the same company?



年轻出版商协会is a membership body for aspiring publishers and current candidates in the first ten years of their career. With branches in London, Oxford, South-West, North, Ireland and Scotland; the SYP is the biggest membership organisation in the publishing industry. For more details and to sign up, go tohttps: //thesyp.org.uk/membership-signup

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Industry Spotlight: Marketing and Publicity

Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week, Olivia returns, focusing on Marketing and Publicity roles.



What do Marketers in publishing do?




绝对不。这是雇主可能会发现所需的东西,但很多人在入场级别的角色开始并从那里积聚。Some people choose a qualification once they’ve built up some experience and decided on an area to specialise in. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) both provide qualifications which can be studied for alongside a full-time job. Your employer may even cover the cost of the course.

Where can a marketing job take me?

营销技能和knowledg是伟大的e you develop are very transferable and will be useful for so many employers and different industries. There are a wealth of marketing roles in publishing. Some people choose to stay in one area of publishing for most of their career while others move around different sectors, which is possible to do, especially if you have particular skills or a specialism which is in high demand.


publicist author interview


What do Publicists in publishing do?

Publicists are responsible for managing relationships with authors and dealing with their agents. Their job is to secure press coverage for books in the print, broadcast and online media so they are expected to build strong press relationships. They are also responsible for organising and attending events with authors, such as book launches and signings, interviews, author tours and appearances at literary festivals. Publicists need to stay informed about new trends and developments in their area of publishing and they often attend editorial meetings and contribute to pitches for new acquisitions.

Is PR all about parties and schmoozing with authors?


Do you need a big network of media contacts?

Initially no. In junior roles you will be assisting PR Managers with their campaigns and general admin. As time goes on, you will start to build up a network of contacts. If you are working on particular titles, this may become quite specialised. For example, if you’re working with cookery authors, you will build up contacts with cookery magazines and food bloggers.


市场营销和宣传角色密切相关nd require similar skill sets. Anyone who wants to succeed in one of these roles needs superb communication and relationship building skills. They are busy jobs so excellent organisation skills are also essential. Creativity is also important. Some publishers work with small budgets, so you have to be innovative and resourceful to come up with new and inventive ideas. Keeping up to date with trends in the market is also key.

Marketers in particular often need to have strong copywriting skills and a good eye for detail. Photoshop and InDesign experience is a plus, especially if working in a collateral heavy role. Software skills are important as there are marketing programs you will be expected to use, such as CRM, email, social media, marketing automation software and analytics tools. There are a wealth of programs which do different things so it’s good if you can pick them up quickly. Video and audio content creation skills are increasingly desired in publishing, especially when working with online products.


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