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How to be a booktuber

SYP Practical Workshops: How to be a BookTuber

On Monday evening our Administrator and Social Media CoordinatorEllie很幸运能够参加年轻出版商(SYP)实际研讨会的第一个社会。主题是:

How to be Booktuber.

车间新一年度系列研讨会occurring once a month, about a different topic each month. For a full list of the upcoming workshops and how to apply to take part in one take a look at the SYP’s page这里。

该研讨会由已建立的书店运行:Leena Normington, akaJustkissmyfrog.on YouTube.

Leena曾当过创造性的生产商for Pan Macmillan, running theirBookBreakseries on YouTube, and currently works for the Telegraph. She has been a Booktuber for 7 years and was happy to share some tips and practical advice about starting a BookTube channel.

Held at Hachette, the evening consisted of a lot of laughter, discussions and a task of pitching a YouTube video around a certain book.


Here are our three top tips we took from the event:

  • Affiliate links on YouTube channels

Affiliate links are links to website and booksellers online where viewers of YouTube videos can purchase any of the products, in this case books, discussed within the video. Not only are these links great for promoting books but they’re also fantastic for monitoring how many and what type of books are being bought by the audience. Through this information a Booktuber can monitor the tastes of their audience and adapt to suit them, as well as prove that BookTube sells books!

  • YouTube & Google Analytics

Views are not everything…no, really! On YouTube when you post a video you can go to the Creator Studio and view your analytics for your channel and each individual video. Whilst getting 1000 views on a video would be fantastic, it’s better if the watch time of the video (the average length of time a person spent viewing the video) is higher or equal to the length of the video. If you have 1000 views, but the viewers only spent an average of 30 seconds watching a 4 minute video, this actually shows that this video wasn’t as successful as you thought. If a video has only 100 views but was watched for the entirety of its length this was a more successful video.

  • Tone & Topic

A strong point to take away from this workshop was the need for a consistent tone and topic across所有社交媒体channels within business. If a business has a Twitter, Instagram, newsletter etc, when building a new YouTube channel you need to build a channel that matches the established social media in tone and topic. It would be jarring to create fun, bright videos about different topics if the company’s other social media is very serious and focused solely on one topic.

BookTube is a growing social media platform, one which we ourselves havebegun,最近在几个事件中得到了特色。您可以上个月读取Bookmachine的书本活动这里。


有关更多信息,工作坊务必遵循Twitter上的SYP@SYP_UKand also follow the official hashtag for the workshops: #SYPpubskills



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BookTube 101: An evening with Sanne Vliegenthart & BookMachine

BookTube 101

BookTube 101

On Wednesday our Administrator and Social Media Coordinator Ellie attended theBookMachine’s event: BookTube 101.

BookTube is the name given to the community of book vloggers on YouTube (channels dedicated to the discussion of books) and booktubers are the given name of the vloggers that run these channels.

One such booktuber isSanne VliegentHart., ofBooksandQuills, who was the guest host of the event. She came to discuss the relevance of BookTube to the publishing industry and how she has developed her own BookTube channel and career.

Starting out in 2008 Sanne created her channel BooksandQuills to discuss things she was interested in. At the time she was studying for an English Literature degree, so she wanted to discuss what she was reading. Sanne also covered other topics, as BookTube was not officially a ‘thing’ until around 2011.

In 2009 she began to focus more heavily on books when she took part in the 50 Book Challenge, a challenge to read 50 books in one year. Audiences were responsive to her videos documenting her progress, and she found her subscribers growing due to the challenges popularity.

Now, in 2017, her channel has over 160,000 subscribers, 11 million views and she has created over 600 videos since 2008.

BookTube & Publishing

Sanne links her successful BookTube channel to her getting a career in publishing. She currently works as the Social Media producer for Penguin Random House, and she previously worked for Hot Key Books, an imprint of Bonnier, as Digital and Social Media Manager.



For most booktubers in Britain, booktubing is a hobby that is done alongside a full-time job or education. Out of the close community of booktubers Sanne is a part of, none of them are professional full-time YouTubers. But many of them do have links to the publishing community.


BookTube & Publicity


  • YouTube videos often create more comments and discussions than blog posts do.
  • 他们可以比博客帖子更长 - 想象一下将10分钟的视频写成一个凝聚力的博客文章。
  • 它很容易分享内容,他们在视觉上吸引人
  • Subscribers of booktubers can develop a personal connection with the booktuber, through reading tastes, professionalism and consistency of posting.



She pointed out that this figure is from one affiliate link only. She cannot monitor the amount her subscribers are spending buying books from her recommendations in shops, online or via subscriptions to websites such as Audible.

The topic turned from how booktubers can help to how they should be approached. Since booktubing is a hobby most booktubers will only read and discuss books that they themselves want to read. Sometimes they are sent books and publicity materials from publishers, but rarely accept anything unsolicited. Often publishers will request to send a book to a booktuber, but there is no requirement that they discuss the book on their channel unless they want to.

It is clear from Sanne’s channel and statistics alone that BookTube is incredibly popular and a worthwhile consideration to the development of the publishing industry.

Our YouTube Channel

我们对Booktube的主题非常感兴趣,并听到从Sanne开始频道的一些提示,因为我们自己有一个YouTube Channel.。So far we have created videos on topics such asHow to get a Job Interview in Publishing,如何进入学术出版and shared a vlog of our time at the伦敦2017年图书博览会,among others. We’ve recognised the potential of YouTube for the publishing industry and are utilising it for recruitment.


For more information contact us on any of our social media:Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,YouTubeorInstagram.


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BookMachine London: All about BookTube

Our administrator Ellie will be attending this Bookmachine event on the 29th March, at the Library in St Martin’s Lane. Learn all about BookTube from an established BookTuber
Sanne VliegentHart.。It is sure to be an interesting evening filled with fascinating new facts and fun!

Let us know if you’re attending by contacting us on any of our social media accounts:Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,YouTubeorInstagram.


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博克马斯: Day 22

博克马斯: Day 22

We’re nearly there! It’s Day 22…just two more days and we can all go home, or to our family’s, and eat food and watch TV!

但首先我们释放我们的3rd Youtube videoon our brand-new channel and we’re going to be live on twitter and in the office answering questions, registrations and trying to catch up on our scanning!




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博克马斯: Day 15

这是15 !10天去!你你做了什么Christmas shopping today? Well hopefully we have as we’re going to our Christmas Office Lunch at 2pm! But before that we will be posting our 2ndYoutube关于我们全新的视频YouTube Channel.! Make sure you check out this one and the previous video, for more tips and tricks to getting into publishing!

Today is also the最后一天to enter theBLOGMAS GIVEAWAYwe have running! All entries must be in by Midnight tonight! We will release the name of the winner tomorrow so make sure you have entered to have a chance of winning a Huge Stocking of Christmas Goodies! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Let us know how your Christmas month is going! Sick of Christmas music yet – we’re not! Come and say hello onTwitter,Facebook,InstagramandLinkedIn。我相信我们也会在我们的餐中发布!



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Introducing our new YouTube Channel


We’ve started a YouTube Channel!

If you’ve been following our Instagram and Twitter feeds you would know that yesterday we released our first ever Atwood Tate YouTube video!

Atwood Tate | Who Are We

We’ve started basic but soon we hope to be adding weekly content about things that you want to know about: how a specialist Publishing Recruitment agency works, the jobs we handle, the best ways to get a job in Publishing and more!


该频道还将允许您与我们的Atwood Tate团队结识!来自我们的伦敦和牛津办事处!我们都将参与其中!

In yesterday’s video you meet two of our staff members:Karine NicponandHelen Speedy.

Karine is a Senior Publishing Consultant who handles editorial jobs in the STM & B2B sectors whilst Helen is the Associate Director of Atwood Tate and handles more Senior Roles across the whole of the publishing industry; she also manages the Perm (permanent jobs) team.



If you haven’t entered ouryet you have only1 week去!你可以赢得一个充满圣诞礼物的袜子!



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博克马斯Day 8

博克马斯Day 8

今天是一个非常令人兴奋的一天,因为我们将释放......我们的第一个YouTube视频!您正确阅读:Atwood Tate正在启动YouTube Channe.l! We want to discuss our business and role within publishing further and make your job-searching that little bit easier with tips, tricks and instructions on how best to present yourself, your CV and everything in between!

确保您仔细查看您可以的YouTube频道在这里找到! Subscribed, Like and Comment – we would love to hear suggestions for future videos! We have a few in the works but any suggestions we be fabulous!

We also hope you’re following ourInstagramAdvent Calendar and are following ourTwitter有关竞争,赠品和测验的更多新闻!



Atwood Tate Youtube Banner


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